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Thread: Jerry McD: Why Gruden won’t be back in 2010

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    Jerry McD: Why Gruden won’t be back in 2010

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    My guess is the next head coach will be the winner of the UFL...Jim Haslett come on down!

    Hell we'd be lucky to have him...

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    Man that sucks...Gruden wears Silver and Black nearly every time on Monday Night Football and on other occassions...

    to me that was when a W was like 80% chance everytime we took the field...i loved the fact we owned the division...

    did you huys see the reaction of gruden on the tuck rule even when he has coach of the me the chucky period was where we need to get back to...

    He was an O mastermind....a guy with knowledge of the game...could you imagine what he could do with Dmac, Bush, DHB, Murphy, Fargas, Chaz these young guys would be better players the minute he walks in...he would get in their ears and never let them get a rest...He would have Russelt trim down like 30 pounds looking like Freeman...but stronger arm..heck he would pick him up at his house around 05:30 to get this going...
    Then you put a guy like Jason in the mix with them, who literally, if they wanted to go out and throw balls all day, he’ll go out with them, play catch, throw routes, work on ball handling, whatever- they are all kind of gym rats.

    On our new QB with his WR's...

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    Once again the real truth comes to light... Gruden wanted to be the Raiders head coach, and Davis screwed the pooch in a huge way... I wouldn't be holding my breath on Gruden being back nor would I hold my breath waiting for Davis to admit he made a mistake...

    This franchise is headed towards ruin... sad to say it, but it's the truth
    "You can't Appoint, Hire, or Declare Leadership" ~ Sonny Barger

    "Al Davis thought all owners were dilettantes with a new toy. He said to me many times through the years that owners are often the problem with their franchises, that too many of them think they can run things when they cannot, and the teams that succeed are the ones where the owner hires the best people he can and turns the game over to them."

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    Gruden is the only "Get out of Jail" card Al has left - but he'll probably be too stubborn to play it. Al is surrounded by too many "yes men" to even figure out the negative perception of the Raiders around the league from players through to administrators.

    Gruden is such an obvious choice... He'd put bums on seats in the Coliseum, he'd be a popular choice with the Raider Nation, he's been the only succesful Raiders coach in years and also has the track record of turning around a shambolic team the first time around.... and he's available.

    Doesn't just stop with Gruden, we need a cool head running front office affairs - a Bruce Allen type. John Herrera just comes across as totally unprofessional and batting way above his talent level.

    Gruden, Allen return? Likely won't happen, but no harm in wishful thinking.

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