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Thread: My Article on Rolando McClain

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    My Article on Rolando McClain

    Hey Guys I created a new website called Bodega Sports . I'll be writing a ton of Raiders articles on there. Here is my first one in regards to Rolando McClain.

    Raiders Need To Cut Rolando McClain

    He was drafted 8th overall in the 2010 NFL draft out of the University of Alabama to the Oakland Raiders. The leader of the National Champion, vaunted Crimson Tide defense was supposed to be the most safe, pro ready player in the first round. The Raiders needed an anchor to plug in the middle of the defense to fix their porous run defense that had plagued the team for years. Rolando McClain has been anything but the leader of the Raiders Defense. On the field, he shoots the wrong gaps on run plays. He’s slow and out of position in pass defense. He misses many tackles that he is in position to make & DOES NOT HUSTLE! A nickname for Rolando McClain in Raider Nation is “Slowlando.”

    While all of the on the field issues have been a disappointment, the Raider coaching staff this year had done a nice job of putting McClain in decent areas to be marginally successful. It’s McClain’s off the field issues which really raise the eyebrows of the Raider management as well as the fan base. Here is a timeline of events of McClain’s on/off the field incidents:

    January 27th 2011: A vehicle being driven by Rolando McClain was shot at while McClain was in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama for the off season.

    December 1st, 2011: McClain while being excused from the team to attend his grandfather’s funeral was arrested by Decatur police and charged with 3rd degree assault for reckless endangerment & discharging a firearm inside the city limits. At this time the Raiders were on a 3 game winning streak a top the division at 7 -4. Creating a distraction for the team, the Raiders travel to Miami and get hammered.

    November 29th 2012: McClain verbally assaults head coach Dennis Allen and gets kicked out of practice. He immaturely posts on Facebook that he was mentally done with the team and wishing to be released. Those events resulted in a 2 game suspension for the linebacker, with the Raiders citing “conduct detrimental to the team”.

    January 8th, 2013: McClain is arrested yet again by the Decatur Police after a police officer pulled him over for a window tint violation. How does someone get arrested for window tint? He provided the officer with a false name. Brilliant.

    Why have the Raiders not released McClain? Surely there has to be a breach of contract with the above incidents correct? His play on the field is sub par and his attitude is set at an even lower standard. If the new Raiders regime is trying to create “A New Era of Excellence” it is time for Reggie Mckenzie the Raiders G.M. to part ways with McClain and bring in talent that wants to be there. With a 4 million dollar base salary coupled with a 2 million dollar signing bonus there is absolutely no reason of keeping McClain around.

    Interesting note for the Raiders and their defense; The defense once McClain was suspended and benched, elevated it’s play. Omar Gaither while not nearly the talented player as Rolando McClain, did an admirable job of leading the defense. The defense in the last 5 games of the year ranked as follows.

    Points: 15.75 (2 of 32)

    Total Yards: 323 (8th of 32)

    Passing Yards: 227 (15th of 32)

    Rushing Yards: 96 (6th of 32)

    That’s top 10 in all defensive categories except passing yards. I’m not giving all credit to Omar Gaither, but it just goes to show you how even a decent Middle Linebacker can elevate your teams play.

    While the “New Era Of Excellence” is off to a rough start, they can get a jump start on trying to right the ship this off season by dumping an overpaid, poor attitude & under performing player.

    Jon Colburn (Bodega Sports)

    - Follow us on Twitter @bodegasports

    Hope you guys enjoy

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    Taking away the arrest, McClain is not worthy of a MLB starting job.

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    Great job on the article!

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    Thanks for the article.

    I agree with everything - time for us to find some real NFL talent and give this coaching staff half a chance at success.

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    thanks guys appreciate. More will come down the pipeline.

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    good post. get rid of this POS!

    thanks blackhole john for the sig
    Derrick Burgess is my new fav Raider Go Burgess!

    is very sick of the drama on here, hrmm.

    RIP ROMELO!! u will always be remembered bro!

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