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Thread: RIP Front_Row_Fan

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    RIP Front_Row_Fan

    It deeply saddens me to post that Front_Row_Fan, a member of our community for the past 6 years was recently murdered in Oakland.

    Every home game as I took the field, right behind the Away team bench I would see Front_Row_Fan aka Will Bartley and chat for a few minutes. Super nice guy and a die-hard Raiders fan! Every week, he had a new custom authentic jersey. I swear, he must of had hundreds of jerseys! Over the past few weeks I haven't seen him around. I sent him a PM and haven't heard back from him. Just did a quick Google search of his email address and full name and stumbled across this story:

    Oakland cell phone store owner killed - SFGate

    Here's link to his RF member page: View Profile: Front_Row_Fan - Oakland Raiders Forum | Message Board - Where the Raider Nation lives!

    Here's the last PM I received from him:

    Hey Bob how have ya been? I hope you and your family and Son are doing great!
    Where have you been lately? I have not seen you on the sidelines in a few games, you must be on the home side? If you get a chance come over and let's get back to our ritual game day hand shake so we can get back on a win streak! Take care Bob! Hope to see ya! Go Raiders!!


    PS-Thanks for providing us with your awesome site!

    Life is too short my friends!

    RIP Will and I pray that the person who did this to you is brought to justice!

    24/7 Coverage of the Oakland Raiders

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    Sad news... RIP
    "You can't Appoint, Hire, or Declare Leadership" ~ Sonny Barger

    "Al Davis thought all owners were dilettantes with a new toy. He said to me many times through the years that owners are often the problem with their franchises, that too many of them think they can run things when they cannot, and the teams that succeed are the ones where the owner hires the best people he can and turns the game over to them."

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    Ugg! Super sad news! R.I.P.

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    That's terrible news. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends.

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    Wow that is horrible, I send my condolences to his family. I've lived in the city of Oakland my whole life and the crime and foolishness out here is getting worse. I hope whoever did this is brought to justice although it won't bring a life back.

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    I am sorry to hear that, Bob. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

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    That's horrible..........

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    will miss his presence here - sad news
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    Holy crud, that's horrible. Sounds like he was one of those guys who made the world a better place to live in. RIP Will.
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    WTF is going on?!!!! Tragedy after tragedy of good people!!!!! This ish is tiresome! By all accounts this guy was a good dude, my condolences.... RIP.

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    Terrible news...RIP Front Row.
    "The Media hated Davis because he kept his mouth shut when it counted and didn't bend over to their tactics. Most NFL owners hated Davis because he was a 'them', having worked his way up, and also because he had no problem hiring minorities when no one else would. You can only have so many people saying bad things about you before the sheep believe it...And now, the sheep don't even know why they hate the Raiders, it's just always been that way..." - Sir Pig

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    Tragic news...RIP
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    Wasn't he the guy who always posted news clips, and had the Tatum avatar? Wow. If I'm correct, he was always so reliable to let us in on all the lastest Raiders news clips. And he never spoke much, just gave us all those great clips. If he could be that helpful and considerate on a meaningless football forum (no offense), I can only imagine how giving he was in real life. RIP and prayers to the family.
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    R.I.P. Stacey Toran, Marquise Cooper

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    Horrible news.

    FRF was one of my favorite posters in here. He always gave us some dope vids and info about the Raiders.


    sad indeed.
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    Crazy I didn't know that was Front_Row_Fan. I was passing by there right after that happened. Terrible
    We want to win. The Raider fans deserve it. The Raider players deserve it, even my organization deserves it. You have to win and you have to win with a vision for the Super Bowl. That's our passion here. - Al Davis

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