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Thread: Let's Try This...

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    I think this thread is disguised as another Hue Jackson bromance thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinz View Post
    Al90000 is onto something. We should fire these guys, top to bottom, including Reggie. Lets bring in another guy who has no clue what the roster is like. If they don't bring back the Glory Days of Hue then we will can them midseason and find guys who will. I've had enough of this losing BS. Lets sign guys to one game contracts, each and every d'gam week. When these useless B'tards go for it on 4th and 1, we bring in guys who either won't go for it on 4th and 1, or who will get it when they go for it on 4th and 1.

    I'm Irate I tell you. I'm Mad as H3LL and I'm NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.
    Nice kinz went off and I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcraider37 View Post
    I think this thread is disguised as another Hue Jackson bromance thread.
    My next door neighbor is a Raider fan my 2 neighbors across from me are Raider fans. A Lion fan down the street hung up a Detriot Lions flag outside his house a week ago.
    My neighbors and I hung up Raider Flags today and now it seems like the Lions fan took his down, huh I wonder why he did that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaRaider2010 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by AL 9000 View Post
    I'd keep one. Al Saunders. Who else has shown they are talented coaches and need to stay?!
    Can you tell me exactly why you would keep Al saunders ? What do you know about Al Saunders? You have know idea how involved are uninvolved he was last year. Neither does anyone else on this message board.
    Do you know about his 900 page playbook ? Do you think that was the playbook that was being used last year?
    I don't understand why fans can make claims about something that they actually have no idea why or why not they are making a decision on something.
    So we are all ears, Please tell us what you know about Al Saunders and exactly how he has contributed to the wins last year. Be specific about his time with the Raiders last year. And please dont spew any vague stuff you search online. We're waiting
    I'll be honest. I only mentioned keeping Al Saunders to eliminate any hatred. I assumed had I not said I wanted to keep any coach that someone like you would be irate. I'll come clean since it seems you will be butt hurt either way. I don't want any coach to stick around. Now, how about you chime in with something productive to the discussion. I can do this all day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AL 9000 View Post
    I've seen several threads or posts about how this team lacks talented players and who we should or shouldn't keep around. Let's switch it up a bit. What current coaches have the "talent" to stick around?! You can see the list here Oakland Raiders | Coaching Staff

    I'd keep one. Al Saunders. Who else has shown they are talented coaches and need to stay?!
    I have to agree.
    Go Raiders.

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    I'm not against replacing any assistant coach including the coordinators, but I'm not going to pretend I know who isn't getting the job done individually, and who they replaced with. I'm not there day to day, so I'll have to defer those kinds of decisions to the head coach, whom I think should still be here next year.

    The issue I have with this team is their lack of Identity. Dennis Allen needs to really put his stamp on this team, offensively and defensively.

    Hopefully him and Reggie know what that identity is and have a plan to bring it to fruition.

    This is what I'm going to say about the talent on this team;

    It's not always a "lack" of talent, I think it gets lost in the mix when we say it so often, but I feel it's a little of that, and a little bit of the "wrong" talent.

    If you look at Philly, they have lots of talent, but on offense for what they want to do, they have the wrong talent, and on defense they have no identity.

    This team will get better when Dennis Allen gives this team an identity, and brings in the right talent to fit it. All teams have turnover on the coaching staff, that's not a big deal when the Head Coach has his stamp on the team.

    For all you nerds out there:
    01000111011011110010000001010010011000010110100101 10010001100101011100100111001100100001

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