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Thread: NFL to revisit challenge rule

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    NFL to revisit challenge rule

    NFL Competition Committee will reconsider challenge rule - ESPN

    Funny how this wasnt talked about by the media last year when it happened to the Raiders. Either the Nfl really doesnt give two fvcks about us or they didnt give two sh1ts because it wasnt a nationally televised game.

    PS - Fvck you regardless Goodell
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSOTM View Post
    PS - Fvck you regardless Goodell
    Agree 100% on this.
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    you can't find one post by me saying I have Knapp's back.
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    This is why I have Knapps back

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    I hate Goodell also. But MeThinks the rule is being looked at because it cost Detroit the game. Or I should say their stupid HC did.....

    Can't recall the exact games but it has happened to other HC's besides Hue & Schwartz....
    In the Kingdom of the Blind. The One Eyed Man is King.......
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    Counting the days until this regime is gone....

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    Theyre revisiting the rule because it happened on national TV. Either way good idea but at the same time come on you should know the rules by now. However it's ridiculous to take away the whole challenge to begin with. Give the team the 15 yard penalty but still review it. In my opinion.

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    The Raiders are irrelevant, don't expect rule changes to ever happen because of them.
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    totally stupid rule but...

    Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, who benefited six days ago from the rule that wipes out replay review if a coach asks for one when one is automatic, explained on Friday that coaches are reminded before every game to not throw the red flag after touchdowns or turnovers.

    “They make a point of telling you before the game, on turnovers and scoring plays, you can’t throw the flag,” Whisenhunt said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

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