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Thread: DA's stoicism really yanks my chain

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    Quote Originally Posted by twoutrally View Post
    I'm sorry but he just doesn't look like a Raider!

    Reminds me of Lame Kiffin way to much.
    Ahh...ole Lane Kiffin.

    First sucked with the Raiders and now with the Trojans.

    sidenote: I give him credit for not wanting to draft JaMarcus Russell though.

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    Josh McDaniels was super animated. Worked out really well


    Josh McDaniels rips Richard Quinn (Broncos @ Jaguars Week 1 2010) - YouTube

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    you gotta earn the respect of the players and coaches before you go out yelling and screaming, otherwise it means nothing and will do the exact opposite of it's intentions.

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    I was thinking the same thing, His "aw shucks" mentality doesn't really appeal to me as a fan, Its like "we'll get them next year" when we should be competing now.. I look at how Charles Johnson of the Panthers blasts his team on twitter for their laziness. How come our coach doesn't do that to inspire or bring out the fire in our guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by reapersgt View Post
    Haley got a chiefs team to the playoffs, that team on paper was way worse than the team they have now.
    His Assistants brought them to the playoffs ..Haley was not good enough to get them to the SB or to the playoffs again.
    Want to make the playoffs ? You get a better OC!

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    DA's stoicism really yanks my chain

    Maybe Reggie offered Gruden a job and Gruden didn't want to come back here. People need to stop assuming they know about everything Reggie Mark or DA are doing behind closed doors. Maybe DA was Reggie's 3rd 4th or 5th on his list. Who said he didn't inquire about other coaches. Lets fire DA so we can keep the revolving door coaching carousel alive and keep that tradition going in here since it worked so well before. We have had 18 head coaches since 1959. Steelers have had 16 since 1933. The cowboys have had 8 in franchise history.

    Give the coach 3 years to prove what he can do. It took Bill Walsh,Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels at least that many years to start winning.
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    My next door neighbor is a Raider fan my 2 neighbors across from me are Raider fans. A Lion fan down the street hung up a Detriot Lions flag outside his house a week ago.
    My neighbors and I hung up Raider Flags today and now it seems like the Lions fan took his down, huh I wonder why he did that?

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    DA's stoicism really yanks my chain

    I just want to know what he's doodling on his notepad with that red sharpie ;P

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