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Thread: Draft Preview: Jackson

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    Draft Preview: Jackson

    Asa Jackson, that is:

    Raiders Draft Preview: Asa Jackson - Just Blog Baby - An Oakland Raiders Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
    If Al Davis were still running the silver and black show then Asa Jackson would be his kind of guy. Jackson is one of those diamond-in-the-rough types that Davis loved to unearth. He’s also the kind of guy Reggie McKenzie will need in order to get maximum return on a minimal draft in 2012. Viewed as a 5th round pick out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Jackson is a cornerback that certainly has NFL talent and his stock is on the rise.

    Since Jackson is an Al Davis guy you already know he’s got a track background. The Sacramento native was a quarter miler in high school good enough to quality for the state finals. That’s saying something in California. He was also recruited to run track at Notre Dame and Georgetown and has been clocked at 4.38 in the 40 so yeah…dude can move. However football is in Asa’s blood so when the Mustangs came calling he jumped on the chance to play D1 ball.

    As it stands the Raiders are looking to find talent however they can with only 5 late round picks to boast of. The Raiders made a trip to Hawaii just to get a better look at Jackson so you’d better believe he’s on McKenzie’s radar. Here is a quick analysis.

    Asa Jackson, CB, Cal Poly SLO

    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 191lbs

    Strengths: Impressive strength displayed by putting up 225 19 times at combine. Good at finding the ball when it’s in the air and has ball skills to make a play as well. Good feel for the game, can diagnose plays and react quickly. An asset in defending the run with good tackling technique. Can contribute as special teamer from day one.

    Weaknesses: Has good footwork but must refine technique. Size and level of competition played against are concerns. Must improve strength to jam bigger receivers and shed blocks. Was able to get away with inconsistent play at the collegiate level due to his natural physical abilities but that won’t be the case in the NFL.
    In addition, some grading and comments via ESPN Insider/DraftTracker:

    1 = Exceptional 2 = Above average 3 = Average 4 = Below average 5 = Marginal

    Overall Football Traits
    Height-Weight-Speed 3 Slightly below average in terms of height and length (29 1/8 arms). Possesses average hand size (9). Top-end speed is good but not elite. Overall agility and tested well in the short-shuttle (4.03) and three-cone (6.97) at the combine.

    Durability 3 Fractured wrist during 2010 spring practice and missed the spring game as a result. Left the Senior Bowl towards the end of the week due to a sprained ankle.

    Intangibles 2 Active in community service. Brings added value on special teams. Selected as a team captain as a senior. Well-liked and respected by coaches and teammates.

    Cornerback Specific Traits
    Instincts/Recognition 3 Confident in his abilities. Displays above-average playmaking instincts on tape. Does a nice job of maintaining solid position in zone coverage. Can occasionally get caught peeking into the backfield and lose position off a broken play. Will take risks and leave himself vulnerable to effective double cut. Anticipation and route recognition skills are adequate-to-good but not great.

    Cover Skills 2 A twitched-up athlete with quick feet and explosive short-area quickness. At his best in man-to-man coverage. Flips hips well and can run with receivers vertically. Shows flexible ankles and can quickly gather and transition out of cuts. Closes extremely well and can cut down separation when the ball is in the air. Displays an extra gear to make up ground when caught in trail technique.

    Ball Skills 2 Despite lack of height and length does a nice job of separating the ball from receivers without committing pass interference. Displays a good feel for when to turn and play the ball or when to play the man when recovering in trail position. Displays natural hands and can pull in most throws he can get both of his mitts on. Lack of height and shorter arms brings up concerns about ability to hold up in one-on-one jump ball situations against bigger and more athletic targets. A playmaker with the ball in his hand both after the interception and as a returner and looks to score (returned both INTs for touchdowns in 2011). Displays upper echelon top-end speed as runner and trusts his speed when finding a crease.

    Run Support 3 "Willing in this area and does not shy away from contact. Quickly closes and takes good angles to the point. Does a nice job of breaking down, wrapping up and tackling with leverage. A reliable tackler in the open field. Can struggle to get off blocker against bigger and more physical receivers. "
    Could be a nice little pick in the 5th or so, thoughts?

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    Yea, I've been liking this guy, too. Plus I live in Sac (where he's from) and know/visit SLO quite often so I'm definitely rooting for him to be drafted by us in those rounds. He'd probably like being only an hour and a half from his family, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prolific View Post
    Could be a nice little pick in the 5th or so, thoughts?
    BPA. If that's him then draft him, but I think there will be better value available AND fill needs with both of our 5th rounders.

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    I wouldn't mind Jackson he might turn out to be a decent corner, I'd love it if we got Trumain Johnson, the more I read about him the better he sounds, 6'2" 204 lbs can play both corner and safety. however I don't think he'd be there as late, probably 3rd round

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    Judging by the spencer and bartel acquistions, Id say RM is more into the bigger more phisical type of cb, so this guy probably wont get drafted. Then again you did say he was an al davis type of pick, so mabey you were just doing an if al were still alive hypothetical, type thing.

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