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Thread: Henderson ready to give Raiders all he's got

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    Henderson ready to give Raiders all he's got

    Henderson ready to give Raiders all he's got

    Meeting John Henderson for the first time, one can see why he needed a member of the coaching staff in Jacksonville to slap him before games to get fired up. Because Henderson is a laid-back cool customer who seems impossible to get a rise out of off the field.

    The Jaguars cut the 6-foot-7, 335-pound Henderson in April - despite finishing seventh in the league against the run - and Henderson went to the team offices to shake hands and say thanks for drafting him years ago.

    Some scouts say the 31-year-old is washed up after eight years of getting mauled in the trenches. Ask Henderson if he has anything left, and he smiles.

    "I got it all, baby," he said.

    The Raiders don't necessarily want it all. They signed Henderson and just want him to rotate inside with Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly and Desmond Bryant and improve a run defense that was 29th in the NFL last season.

    Oakland coach Tom Cable was asked if Henderson looked like the anchor he was hoping for, and Cable replied, "Yes, definitely."

    Henderson doesn't need to start.

    "You put me in there and rotate us, and you got something," Henderson said. "You can take me out on third down and long. I live for the short-yardage plays."

    Henderson has always preferred hitting running backs to quarterbacks.

    "Think who talks the most," he said. "Running backs. I want to shut them up. Quarterbacks, he's down there, he's looking like ... (dazed). ... Running backs talk; I want to shut them up."

    A first-round pick in 2002, Henderson averaged 63.5 tackles a season and 4.6 sacks during his first four seasons. The two-time Pro Bowler averaged 42.3 tackles and 2.6 sacks the last four years and was let go by the Jaguars as they cut costs and went younger, drafting Cal defensive tackle Tyson Alualu in the first round.

    While in Jacksonville, Henderson had the famous pregame ritual where he let assistant trainer Joe Sheehan slap him hard across the face to get him riled up. That ended last year when Sheehan left to join the Browns. Henderson was not about to hold auditions for a replacement.

    "I just went back to the headphones and tried to get mentally fired up," he said.

    Henderson heard that Cable volunteered for the job, but his application was turned down.

    "Not with those big hands of his," he said. "I can't get knocked out before the game. I'm trying to find a soft-hand man."

    Briefly: After returning to practice this week after suffering from a concussion, receiver Louis Murphy was out Thursday with a sore foot. It was stepped on in Wednesday's practice. ... Third-year receiver Jonathan Holland was carted off the field after coming down bad on his ankle. ... Rookie receiver Jacoby Ford was out with a sore quad, and Nick Miller stepped in and stretched out for a beautiful, diving catch. ... Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson was unavailable to the media, making it 191 days since he was hired that the team has turned down interview requests. The weird thing is that Jackson is very personable, and players - offense and defense - gush about the emotional coach and his impact on both the offense and team morale.

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    I love the Hendo pick up, I'm not sure people realize how good this D is going to be.
    As for Jackson not being allowed to interview. I think it's a good thing. We have had the worst O in the league over this losing period. No need to give away any secrets. Plus I feel like he was brought in to replace Cable if need be, don't want anyone asking that question.
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    Thumbs up

    So who's most likely to slap Henderson before games this year?

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    is hanson still on the payroll..we can make him useful lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaRaider2010 View Post
    So who's most likely to slap Henderson before games this year?
    Cable him self

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaRaider2010 View Post
    So who's most likely to slap Henderson before games this year?
    Let Lecher do it.

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    Well he said SOFT hands, so definitely not DHB.

    ^ this joke was inevitable, JUST ROLL WITH IT

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    Thumbs down

    You guys dont read very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The.Dude View Post
    You guys dont read very well.

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    Good read thanks RaiderInSD21!

    I was hoping we would pick up Henderson and to be honest I was suprise we got him. If he does indeed have anything left like he says, we got a damn fine looking DL this year. Something we couldn't say in a lonnnggggg fvcking time!

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    Behind the Shield with DT John Henderson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAIDERS64 View Post
    He talks about loving the game and the passion, not about the money (ahem Brett the Hitman favreeze!) but then also talks about owning a big & tall mens clothing shop and how he is a neat freak cleaning toilets with a toothbrush. idk man but when its game day this guys is gonna light it up!!!!!!!!! I'm ready!!!!!!!!!

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    slap me joe

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    Thanks for the update!

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    More on John Henderson

    Henderson says he’s still got it - Inside the Oakland Raiders - A look inside the world of the highly classified Oakland Raiders from the writers of Bay Area News Group

    By Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer
    Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 7:57 pm in Oakland Raiders.

    We’ll know as camp goes on if John Henderson can be the kind of run-stopper he was in Jacksonville.

    Having played eight years and 124 games as an interior lineman in Jacksonville, there’s at least some concern Henderson’s body is quite a bit older than its 31 years, and he acknowledges dealing some shoulder issues.

    The Jaguars thought he was finished, cutting him and then drafting Cal’s Tyson Alualu.

    Raiders coach Tom Cable said he likes what he’s seen so far of Henderson without being particularly expansive on the topic.

    You see this kind of signing from time to time with the Raiders . . . Lorenzo Neal . . . Jeff Garcia . . . Donovan Darius . . . Edgerton Hartwell . . . none of them made it out of training camp, and all were built up during camp by the coaching staff as sage veteran acquisitions.

    So maybe it’s wise for Cable to let Henderson’s play speak for itself and let the situation play itself out.

    As for Henderson, he still talks a good game.

    The Raiders would like to take Henderson and his 335 pounds and give him a rotational role in the middle of the defense, taking dead aim on the poor run defense that has plagued the team for the past seven years.

    “No pressure, I love stopping the run,’’ Henderson said. “I take a lot of pride it. That’s something we’ve got to get better at.

    “I live for it. You can take me out on third and long. Just put me in on short yardage and all that good stuff.’’

    Henderson’s assessment of how to be a good run defense?

    “Just do your job. That’s the most important thing. Each person has got to do their job, the (defensive) ends have got to contain and the inside guys got to keep leverage and push keep it clogged,’’ Henderson said. “The linebackers get them, make sure they don’t get nothing.’’

    Asked point blank out much he had left, Henderson said, “I got it all, baby.’’

    In Henderson, the Raiders have brought in a player who would rather stuff a running back than sack a quarterback.

    “That’s weird, ain’t it?,’’ Henderson said. “Think about who talks the most. Running backs. I want to shut them up.’’

    With the Raiders having moved Richard Seymour inside to tackle alongside Tommy Kelly, Henderson and second-year Desmond Bryant are competing for time. In most alignments, it will be Seymour as the three technique and Kelly over the nose, but Cable said the Raiders will be able to slide their line to create mismatches.

    Henderson is the biggest player of the four, and in a best-case scenario could push Kelly to either better production or more snaps on the bench.

    He acknowledges taking a beating, but still things he’s got a lot to offer.

    “I’m blessed. I missed four games in eight years,’’ Henderson said. “I’m playing with pain, playing with shoulder injuries. I still love to play. I don’t love it, then I’ll quit.’’

    News, notes and quotes from Friday’s lone practice:

    – Quarterback Jason Campbell threw what might have been two of prettiest passes he’s thrown in camp, both in excess of 40 yards, one to Darrius Heyward-Bey and the other to Chaz Schilens.

    Heyward-Bey hauled his pass in over the shouder down the left sideline over Joe Porter, who brought him all the way to the ground in the non-padded practice. Heyward-Bey held on.

    Near the end of practice, Schilens made a spectacular leaping catch against Chris Johnson, who had been sticking to receivers like glue through most of camp. Schilens went down hard, was examined b trainers and reported later, “It was just a stinger. No problem. I’m good.’’

    – Campbell has shown good ball skills, occasionally freezing the defense on play-fakes which buy him time and allow receivers to break free.

    “When we started OTA we were not very good at that,’’ Cable said. “That has progressed, and I like where that is headed. There are some times where you’re not sure where (the ball) is at. That’s a good thing. But we’ve got to get that a little bit better.”

    – Lamarr Houston, the rookie defensive end who has been a starter since his first practice and has seldom left the field, had a new role _ fullback in the goal line offense.

    Houston was a prolific high school running back in Colorado Springs, Colo, before switching to defense at Texas. Listed at 6-foot-3, 305 pounds, he may be more compact than a refrigerator, but he’s at least a dishwasher.

    “We might do some of that around the goal line in short yardage situations, things like that,’’ Cable said. “We did some of that in minicamp, OTA, right from the get-go with him. He’s had some history there.”

    Two days earlier, after defensive end Alex Daniels took some snaps at fullback and I suggested Houston as a possibility because he’d played running back, Cable said, “Yeah, but I like how he plays on defense.’’

    – Visitors to practice included Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, offensive coordinator David Shaw, and assistant line coach Steve Wisniewski _ all with Raiders backgrounds.

    Wisniewski talked to the linemen as a group following practice.

    “I don’t think anyone requested him to come out here. He came out here on his own, just talked about being a pro and the things that he did to make himself better every day,’’ tackle Langston Walker said.

    “Just sort of shooting it to you straight. Instead of coaches telling you, you actually get somebody who played 13 years or however long he played, went to however multiples of Pro Bowls. It’s sort of hard to be like, ‘Ah, that guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’ It means extra.”

    – Another big day by tight end Zach Miller, who left walking stiffly with a wrap around his upper left thigh.

    – Among those who didn’t practice were wide receiver Jacoby Ford (quadriceps), Jonathan Holland (ankle), fullback Luke Lawton (concussion), fullback Manase Tonga (knee), left guard Robert Gallery (ankle), defensive tackle Richard Seymour (back spasms) and quarterback Charlie Frye (wrist).

    Cable said Thursday that Seymour, who has missed the last three practices, was resting. Gallery got caught in a pile and said his injury was “no big deal.’’

    Holland, who was on crutches, will receive an MRI to determine the severity of his ankle sprain but was encouraged by how he felt Friday.

    – Double session Saturday, with practices at 8:30 a.m. and 4:20 p.m.

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