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    ^^^ that helmet looks dope.

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    Feb 2012
    Yes i like this site
    its nice that nfl teams have fan forums on the net to talk and chat

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    Feb 2012
    just got introduced to the site but I look forward to chatting with the rest of RAIDER NATION. GO SILVER AND BLACK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BK View Post
    Do you like and have a Facebook account? If yes, become a fan of on Facebook: | Facebook[/url]

    Help spread the word about Our community

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    Registered months ago, but just becoming more active now. I have finally HAD IT with Steve Corkran's Ibabuzz blog. Cork's posts are fine, but the unmoderated comments section is horrible, featuring open racism by people claiming to be KKK members, other people pretending to be world-famous rappers (who nobody's ever heard of), others hijacking whole threads with long, lurid descriptions of imaginary bowel movements (no, I'm not kidding), and featuring the worst sorts of personal attacks against everyone who dares disagree about the most trivial football matters. The moderators, meanwhile, stick their collective heads in the sand and pretend none of this is happening. Ugh. NO MORE.

    To answer the question: Yes, I like it here.

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    I love it here, full of the most die-hard, passionate Raider fans...I moved to El Paso TX a year ago and miss talking to Oakland fans and tailgating at the Coliseum.

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    Yea sites Dope better then the cr@p posted at other sites Like espn

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    Brand new to the site.

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    Brand new here too.. Been reading the forums for a while and decided to join.

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    Brand new and hope to not only move from bench warmer but not get myself benched with my average knowledge.

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    omaha ne.
    Bob Carr how the **** are ya?

    You remember me. Was one of the OP's round here....... never regretted it. It was great to get away from all the haters on the paper boards.

    Didn't care for the way you ran some things and I moved on, but never harbored ill will and always admired what you built here.

    Even bought a Stabler football from ya.

    Anyway bra, if you ever want to stop by.............


    and say hi, or log on and catch up, please do so. It's a different era.

    You are more than welcome my brother.

    Take care.

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