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Thread: Veterans in danger?

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    Veterans in danger?

    With the draft and impending signings of UDFA and veteran FA, wich players on the 2009 roster are in danger of being cut before the start of the season?

    Jamarcus Russell: not worth spending much time on his case!

    Johnie Lee Higgins: very underwelming as a WR and punt returner last year. The selection of Jacoby Ford is the total opposite of a vote of confidence for him.

    Nick Miller: will have to make the team allover again this year. If Ford shows he can handle both return duties and be effective on offense, Miller might not have his place.

    Cooper Carlisle: if its true we are pursuing Alan Faneca and/or if Campbell can play RG this year, he may be relegated to the bench or cut. I think we can agree he's not starting material anymore.


    Todd Watkins
    Luke Lawton (suspended 4 games in 2010)
    Oren O'Neal
    Jonathan Holland
    Charlie Frye (I think Boller is better then him, thats not saying much though....)
    Erik Pears
    Khalif Barnes

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    Probably, Sam Williams, Slade Norris, Isiah Ekijuba and Hiram Eugene maybe to.

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    God I hope that Luke Lawton piece of garbage gets cut.

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    Article from Jerry Mac.....

    Talks about some of players you mentioned...

    Russell not the only Raider on notice - Inside the Oakland Raiders - A look inside the world of the highly classified Oakland Raiders from the writers of Bay Area News Group

    As the Raiders gather for their mandatory minicamp this weekend, JaMarcus Russell isnít the only player whose job security will be tenuous.

    Whether Russell will actually be there, as coach Tom Cable said he would, is open to question. The last thing the Raiders need is an injury which would delay the process of sending him on his way in the wake of the acquisition of Washington quarterback Jason Campbell.

    Campbell is already in the area, and was spotted at a Jack London Square restaurant with offensive coordinator Hue Jackson by a reader with a who sent a photo. Russell, meanwhile has been kept out of public view.

    Willie Brownís glowing review of Russell on Comcast last month aside, you talk to a few Raiders employees informally and itís more of a collective roll of the eyes.

    (Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reported Russell is tipping the scales at 300 pounds).

    The Raiders could pull the band-aid off the wound and dispense with Russell quickly unless theyíre looking for a way of getting out of paying that last $3 million.

    Either way, Russell canít feel real confident about his status, and only he knows if he cares or wants to try again somewhere else.

    If Russell isnít at minicamp, then Campbell, Charlie Frye and Kyle Boller will get all the work as Bruce Gradkowski recovers from a pectoral tear. (The good news on Gradkowskiís injury is that it was to the left side, and not his throwing side).

    A handful of other players, who make far less money, are also less comfortable as the 2010 Raiders begin to take shape.

    Among them:

    WR Johnnie Lee Higgins: Coach Tom Cable was clear in his intentions for fourth-round pick Jacoby Ford. Itís also a safe bet Nick Miller, if injured during training camp, wonít be kept on the 53-man roster for 16 weeks this time around.

    ďIím looking for that guy to see if heíll take the reins of our return game and become a guy like that for us. Those are the expectations early on,Ē Cable said.

    Any linebacker not named Rolando McClain, Kamerion Wimbley or Trevor Scott: Cable promises Iíll love how the defensive plan shakes out. If it includes attackers coming from different directions, sometimes as an end, sometimes as a linebacker, and an element of unpredictability, heís right.

    Quintin Groves, a former second-round pick, joins holdovers Thomas Howard, Ricky Brown, Isaiah Ekejiuba, Sam Williams and second-year men Slade Norris and David Nixon. Add sixth-round pick Travis Goethel, who Cable described as being a stout inside player. Itís survival of the fittest (and fastest) with a heavy emphasis on special teams.

    Any offensive tackle not named Mario Henderson: Khalif Barnes will probably stick around, but nothing is certain after the picks of Justin Veldheer and Bruce Campbell in the third and fourth rounds. If Campbell ends up as a guard _ Cable said it was a possibility _ it opens up another spot.

    Fullback Oren OíNeal: Could be just an oversight, but Cable has now left OíNealís name out the last two times he was asked about the fullback position. Itís a good situation for Manase Tonga, the undrafted free agent from BYU and Aragon High in San Mateo, to show if he can be an NFL quality blocker. There are unconfirmed reports the Raiders also signed UCLA fullback Chase Moline, who began his Bruins career as a linebacker.

    With undrafted free agents, itís a difficult to project. A year ago, I received a flood of e-mails and assurances that linebacker Frantz Joseph was a tackling machine and a real find at linebacker. Instead, Joseph looked a step or three slow from the outset and the gem turned out to be Harvard defensive end Desmond Bryant.

    With OíNealís healthy and Luke Lawton starting the season under suspension, Oaklandís 2010 fullback position is wide open.

    Defensive end Jay Richardson: Richardson is a point-of-attack player on a team that hasnít been a good run-defending team for seven years. The plan for Lemarr Houston, Cable said, is to play end.

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    ^^ ha ha I swear I didnt read this article before!

    I also thought about Jay Richardson, Thomas Howard and Ricky Brown.

    Jay Richardson I think is decent depth but I could have mentionned him too. I guess I still have a hard time seeing Lamarr Houston as a DE!

    I think we need Howard's coverage ability on this team. A LB that can run and cover this well is a valuable asset, if we can finaly cover his lack of ability to play the run. What he does is really important: he cancells matchups. Usualy, whenever you get a RB or WR on a LB its a missmatch and you have a chance for a big play. Not with Howard and a lot of teams in the NFL would love to have this element on 3rd down. All that said its clear his PT is going down. Money wise a 2nd round tender is well affordable for his projected role and the depth he provides.

    Ricky Brown offers quality depth and ST ability and doesnt cost much. I think the key for him is to stay healthy.

    Finaly I would say a wildcard in the LB situation is Quentin Groves. I really dont know his role yet and what he can do. How he impacts the rest of the group remains to be seen.

    We have a lot look foward to in this weekend mini-camp!....

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    Thomas Howard ain't going anywhere.

    I have a feeling Jay Richardson is on the bubble

    Johnny Lee Higgins took a huge hit opening night last season and never recovered, he is on the bubble

    Nick Miller should be out

    Sam I am Williams should be done

    Eugene is on the bubble

    Tod Watkins is always on the bubble, but might make the last wr option over JLH, with Ford arrival

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