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Thread: Michael Huff back in the mix

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    Thanks for the link. The quote from John Marshall put a smile on my face. I liked it so much, I've added it to my signature. Rep your way

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    Quote Originally Posted by R8drTahoe View Post
    Is it possible that Huff can turn it around in his third year? I know it's not all that plausible, but Nnamdi took three years to excell granted after converting to a CB from Safety...

    That would be such a relief if Huff could actually become a true NFL starter. I remember how much the media etc. talked him up to be the next best thing... the next Ed Reed... I would be ecstatic if he actually showed that he's got the skills and the will to be an NFL starting calibur safety.

    That would be one less hole, one less project, and one less worry.
    Good point R8drTahoe I can remember thinking that Aso was a bust after a few years. I hope Huff can get it together and become a play maker.

    Quote Originally Posted by JRaider17 View Post
    Davis makes appearance...Huff goes into 1st string....
    Something is fishy here.

    Quote Originally Posted by snailplow View Post
    I think Huff has the same problem that JaMarcus has.

    They view the league as a means to inject as much money as possible into their personal bank accounts.
    After they wash out, they use that cash to assist them, so they can coast through the rest of their life.

    They could learn many big lessons about being passionate about football from Nnamdi.

    Simply amazing!

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