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New 01-16, 18:19
No he doesn’t. I’m guessing he’s throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks
New 01-16, 17:04
Do you have a source??
New 01-16, 07:04
RAIDERS NEWS: The Raiders are expected to part ways with OG Kelechi Osemele this offseason which would save $10.2 million on the cap.
New 01-04, 08:03
Looks like Mayock is making moves already.
New 01-02, 13:46
Raiders fire director of player personnel Joey Clinkscales
New 01-01, 11:41
Just added a NFL Draft forum ����
New 01-01, 11:18
Happy New Year Raidernation !
New 12-31, 05:07
Raiders here Mike Mayock as GM
New 12-27, 13:22
Na they should play in Yankee Stadium next year
New 12-24, 18:20
Raiders stayin in the Bay Area next season. AT&T is NICE. Definitely best option. F* the 9ers
New 12-24, 11:07
New 12-24, 09:17
Really feel bad for all the Bay Area fans tonight, if this is, in fact, the last game to be played in Oakland
New 12-23, 07:04
AT&T is Clean
New 12-17, 16:14
in a stadium
New 12-16, 17:32
New 12-16, 11:29
Where will the Raiders Play 2019?
New 12-14, 14:20
Martavis Bryant suspended indefinitely
New 12-13, 15:19
Honolulu Raiders for 2019, let’s make it happen Raiders!
New 12-12, 19:25
Trade down from our top 5 pick, get a 3rd 1st for 2020 for the Vegas Party! Ha
New 12-12, 14:21
2020 NFL Draft to be Hosted in Las Vegas
New 12-10, 08:28
Reggie McKenzie Canned!!
New 12-09, 14:57
no way he makes that catch as a Raider
New 12-04, 06:12
New 11-25, 08:52
idiot challenge
New 11-18, 04:53
xramfan...if you are an xfan of a team which i'm not sure how you do that, maybe its time that you jump on their bandwagon...but only to be disapointed as they willl be bounced from the playoffs very eearly
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