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New 09-23, 16:34
Don't see any emails from you TH3
New 09-23, 15:27
Just sent email. Waiting.
New 09-23, 09:55
so is Gruden wow...
New 09-23, 09:55
Carr is a joke
New 09-23, 07:36
What a joke
New 09-17, 07:44
Oakhead, please send an email to bob at raiderfans.net from the email address you registered with us
New 09-16, 15:39
stilll waiting on mine
New 09-16, 14:53
Just replied to your email raider1003, welcome to RF!
New 09-16, 14:05
New 09-16, 14:05
what is BK's email?
New 09-13, 09:18
Send BK an Email.
New 09-13, 05:41
still waiting on my activation email
New 09-12, 22:01
New 09-10, 12:53
Been a minute, but the DIE HARD, ANTICS DBM (formerly known as FU** DIS S**T) IS BACK!!!
New 09-10, 12:52
Whaddup everybody!!!!!
New 09-09, 17:43
yo, how did mack do??? did he win???
New 09-09, 16:44
you fake Raider fans are something else. Get over it. we are way better off in the future.
New 09-09, 15:44
cause we would rather get rid of a once in a life time player to get draft picks for a very small chance to get a once in alifetime player?
New 09-09, 07:35
Why in the world did yall let khalil mack go. Hes only one of the best players in the nfl.
New 09-08, 15:05
Ask BK how long it takes.
New 09-06, 09:00
How long does it take to get a activation email?? Admins on Vacation?
New 09-05, 05:02
John Gruden had 4 to 5 qb's on his roster when he was with tampa
New 09-05, 05:02
I like 3 qb's not just 2
New 09-05, 05:02
Im good with AJ we needed a backup I just wish we didnt cut EJ he have talent and knows our playbook he could of been the 3rd qb
New 09-03, 15:47
Just a reminder Raider Nation Pickem
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