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New 11-14, 12:47
Everybody calm down....this is just year 15 of the 20 year rebuild plan......in the next 5 years you wait.......Raiders will improve to 8-8 seasons,,,,,,,,,
New 11-14, 08:51
I watched a total of 5 mins of the raiders game and i feel like i truly wasted those 5 mins.
New 11-07, 20:05
Scared me BK! Don’t do that to us!
New 11-07, 19:31
Site is backup, sorry for the delay
New 11-07, 05:05
Bruce Irvin now a Falcon
New 11-03, 12:42
Bruce Irvin is History.
New 11-01, 14:42
Reggie Nelson again
New 11-01, 14:15
New 10-29, 08:44
didn't see that one coming
New 10-29, 08:15
Browns fire head coach Hue Jackson in middle of third losing season
New 10-23, 12:04
Derek Carr is next
New 10-22, 10:21
wow, how the hell did they pull that off? a 1st round for Cooper? I would think 2nd round at best and most likely 3rd, he drops the ball WAY too much to be a true #1 WR
New 10-22, 09:16
Cooper is a Cowboy now
New 10-20, 11:39
The city doesn't deserve this team!
New 10-20, 11:39
No one is delusional, this team is being built for Vegas, and fans need to get over it. For years all i heard was how we needed a GM and AL Davis needed to go, then we get a GM and he's clueless, a bunch of whiners, i can't wait for them to leave oakland
New 10-20, 07:47
Oak, Raiders fans have a very good reason to be miserable the team has had 1 winning season in 16 years and looks worse than it ever has.... so I guess those are "good moves" some fans may be miserable but the real problem are the delusional fans
New 10-20, 05:21
Anyone with half a brain should be able to see that it is quite obvious that this team is being built to fit John Grudens scheme and for Day 1 in Vegas...No issues at all with watching the moves, Mack was the best to date!
New 10-20, 05:18
Rick Pitino once referred to Boston Celtic fans as "Card Carrying Members Of The Fellowship Of The Miserable" 60% of Raider Nation should join that club, or become a forty Whiner fan!
New 10-18, 04:59
Hell Yes!
New 10-17, 08:06
So we should get Nick Bosa he's out for the rest of the season for Ohio State we should pick him up
New 10-14, 19:35
saw the game in London....sad.....
New 10-14, 14:44
This team sucks
New 10-14, 11:24
Have we hit rock bottom yet?
New 10-14, 11:15
whole team needs to change. They are an embarrassment.
New 10-14, 08:33
This offensive line needs to change
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