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New 01-16, 06:21
I am waiting for activation too. But is only been a couple of days. Perhaps Bob is on vacation?
New 01-13, 15:39
Can someone send me a activation link to my email. I emailed bob, but no response. It's been 2 weeks
New 01-11, 15:47
Wayne Hawkins (continued) His 24/7care is $14,000 a month, we pick up the rest...not Medicare covered. NFL allows $$118K a year, if living at home. One new brain med is $333.96 for 30 tabs.!! Not Medicare covered. Cognitive Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment is
New 01-11, 15:42
Wayne Hawkins, (continued) has depleted his annual allowed NFL brain injury insurance for the 2017. Please check out his "gofundme" site @ "medical care Raiders Wayne Hawkins" online. His football story, old Raider photos, & misc.
New 01-11, 15:38
I'm an original Oakland Raider fan. My husband, original Oakland Raider player, Wayne Hawkins, #65, right guard, 1960-1970 is still able to follow the team despite his diagnosis of dementia in 2006. Now, he requires 24/7 professional care due to the stoke
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New 01-09, 07:51
Hey bk, back again. thanks again for changing back to this site.... sooo much better than Scout. Hope alls going well this new year! Was looking to get my account activated. wanna get in on this years Premium
New 01-08, 21:29
Thanks, bk!
New 01-08, 15:11
Hey Chunky, I just manually approved your account. Welcome back to RF!
New 01-08, 12:45
Got the activation email and clicked the link. Just says I am in the moderation queue to be added to the forum.
New 01-08, 12:43
Thanks, bk!
New 01-08, 12:05
Hey CL53, I haven't imported any old accounts yet. If you haven't received an activation email from the site, please send an email to bob at raiderfans.net from the email account used when registering. I'll manually activate your account.
New 01-08, 11:50
Hey bk, can you please tell me how i can start posting again please.
New 01-08, 10:53
I had no idea that my previous account was deleted.
New 01-08, 10:33
Had to bad the troll Joeboy from the chatbox
New 01-08, 09:53
Tell it like it is , apparantly you like smoke blown up your ass by these pretenders
New 01-08, 04:16
I was goin to say where did my post count go? But I see some older accounts were not brought over. All good
New 01-07, 10:27
If you did not receive an activation email, please send an email from the address you used to register to bob AT Raiderfans.net and include your username
New 01-07, 06:01
Time for the Ban Hammer to come down Joe Blow boy.
New 01-06, 17:12
someone able to ban the trolls
New 01-06, 06:22
Why are you even here Joeboy? with all your hatred, go be a queefs fan stupid
New 01-06, 04:52
Goodbye Carr !! Sucks anyway .
New 01-06, 03:42
Can someone unlock my account pls, i didn't receive a confirmation email
New 01-05, 09:55
...always get some good comments with that jersey on in Vegas.
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