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New 04-08, 11:52
Right on LA R8R!
New 04-08, 10:36
thanks bk! member since '08
New 04-07, 11:11
thank you all very much!
New 04-05, 12:09
LA R8R, you're all set, welcome to RF
New 04-05, 08:08
testing 123......never got a verification email. spam folder checked
New 04-01, 10:19
Thank you very much and Go Raiders!
New 04-01, 08:02
Coach you're activated as well
New 04-01, 07:42
Thump & Raiderman818, I just replied to your email and manually activated your account, welcome to RF!
New 03-31, 09:12
Thanks for having my back Raiderman818. I really appreciate it.
New 03-31, 08:50
Ive sent Bob an email as well as a private message. No response. Sux not being able to post.
New 03-31, 05:07
I'm still waiting for activation. Any suggestions?
New 03-30, 13:13
Thanks rawhead!
New 03-30, 11:58
guess it depends on who's paying attention. Possibly Bob is really busy right now.
New 03-30, 11:36
How long does activation take?
New 03-28, 18:11
Somone help the coach out..
New 03-28, 15:29
Wish I knew but I can't get anyone to help me and i've posted on here and emailed this [email protected] several times. Don't get it!
New 03-28, 05:07
How do you get an account activated
New 03-25, 10:14
Can dd help me to get me activated?
New 03-25, 10:10
I am having troubles with my activation email as well. I've never received one and can't seem to make contract with anyone to solve the issue. Coachdd11
New 03-19, 08:52
Thank You!
New 03-19, 08:14
I just sent you an email MM, your account has been activated!
New 03-18, 15:46
Not that I can get the activation to work...
New 03-15, 18:14
New 03-14, 13:08
Wow, I haven't been to this site in a loooong time. Probably since Bob merged it from RF
New 03-11, 14:08
Honey badger to the Chiefs...FFS
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