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New 01-22, 18:45
While he was still under contract with the hawks
New 01-22, 18:44
I remember I posted along time ago Lynch jus got signed by the Raiders. All stoked fell for some fake news lol
New 01-17, 16:35
I am looking for the article it was posted in a FB Group
New 01-16, 18:19
No he doesn’t. I’m guessing he’s throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks
New 01-16, 17:04
Do you have a source??
New 01-16, 07:04
RAIDERS NEWS: The Raiders are expected to part ways with OG Kelechi Osemele this offseason which would save $10.2 million on the cap.
New 01-04, 08:03
Looks like Mayock is making moves already.
New 01-02, 13:46
Raiders fire director of player personnel Joey Clinkscales
New 01-01, 11:41
Just added a NFL Draft forum ����
New 01-01, 11:18
Happy New Year Raidernation !
New 12-31, 05:07
Raiders here Mike Mayock as GM
New 12-27, 13:22
Na they should play in Yankee Stadium next year
New 12-24, 18:20
Raiders stayin in the Bay Area next season. AT&T is NICE. Definitely best option. F* the 9ers
New 12-24, 11:07
New 12-24, 09:17
Really feel bad for all the Bay Area fans tonight, if this is, in fact, the last game to be played in Oakland
New 12-23, 07:04
AT&T is Clean
New 12-17, 16:14
in a stadium
New 12-16, 17:32
New 12-16, 11:29
Where will the Raiders Play 2019?
New 12-14, 14:20
Martavis Bryant suspended indefinitely
New 12-13, 15:19
Honolulu Raiders for 2019, let’s make it happen Raiders!
New 12-12, 19:25
Trade down from our top 5 pick, get a 3rd 1st for 2020 for the Vegas Party! Ha
New 12-12, 14:21
2020 NFL Draft to be Hosted in Las Vegas
New 12-10, 08:28
Reggie McKenzie Canned!!
New 12-09, 14:57
no way he makes that catch as a Raider
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