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New 05-28, 11:01
I am game for that Raw.
New 05-28, 08:59
LOL. Make the entire stub hub puny stadium a black hole.
New 05-27, 19:14
Remember our fallen heroes this Memorial weekend! Have a great one and be safe!
New 05-27, 15:54
Raw it will be where we want it since we will own it. Lol
New 05-27, 11:19
Yeah, I'll have to research it a little to figure out where the BLACK HOLE will be at the stub. Seat #'s etc.
New 05-27, 09:33
we will own the stubhub.
New 05-26, 23:00
@ Chargers Stubhub. See ya'll there
New 05-26, 16:09
Sup! I hope I can make it to a game this year, this fucken economy blows
New 05-25, 09:02
good morning RaiderNation!
New 05-25, 06:02
Sup ya'll 2 more months until we get into Raider Football can't wait!!!
New 05-24, 10:47
What up Raiders Fans!
New 05-24, 10:39
howzit #RaiderNation
New 05-24, 09:59
afternoon folks
New 05-24, 08:56
Whats up fellas....hope everyone is good today
New 05-24, 03:38
New 05-24, 03:00
New 05-23, 10:35
New 05-23, 09:30
That'd be incredible. I'm getting bored with Basketball until the Finals and nothing is covering my itch for sports. So this will definitely keep me entertained for a minute or two
New 05-23, 09:30
S&B, nowadays, I don't give a crap.
New 05-23, 09:29
Today's OTA
New 05-23, 09:29
Depending on the bandwidth of the WiFi, Imma try to live stream the player interviews fro
New 05-23, 09:28
I remember you as my "mortal enemy" even though we'd probably kick it at a stadium. Because you mostly won the argument with STRAIT FAX. Good to see you again
New 05-23, 09:27
Not THAT many.
New 05-23, 09:26
We had many 'o arguments back in the day.
New 05-23, 09:26
Oh RaiderDee, I remember you
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