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New 07-27, 09:09
Raiders to release RB Taiwan Jones
New 07-25, 13:53
Pillaging just for fun
New 07-25, 10:11
The Autumn wind is a Raider
New 07-19, 11:18
If we can get this defense close to average (meaning #15-ish overall) then with our O we could do a lot of damage. I'd be happy with average at this point!
New 07-17, 07:24
well... one thing for sure, we should be able to match anyone points.. he who scores last i guess lol
New 07-15, 05:23
We better hope Vanderdoes does what he can do for us.
New 07-13, 04:24
too early yes but its sure trending that way
New 07-10, 10:21
Think it's too early to label him a bust...
New 07-07, 04:25
Agreed, not seeing much with Jihad.
New 07-06, 06:23
jihad ward is a bust
New 06-27, 09:34
Rainman - see the message that states: If you did not receive an activation email, please send an email (that that you used to register) to bob@raiderfans.net and include your username and I'll manually activate your account
New 06-26, 08:12
Be plenty of bags soon enough
New 06-25, 03:45
Call Dum Bag Post or 386-224-7778
New 06-25, 03:39
How can I get my email verified?Never received the email
New 06-25, 03:37
Joooooooooooooooooooe Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumars
New 06-24, 07:22
@ Rainman56 Noooooooo Dumarssssssss LOL !!
New 06-24, 05:59
New 06-22, 23:49
It's good to have a franchise quarterback locked up for 5 years after the carousel comedy of quarterbacks in the past. Just hope he stays healthy and proves he's worth this..
New 06-22, 15:15
New 06-22, 15:15
I really this works out well for the team and him.
New 06-22, 05:58
good luck to able to resign jackson, mack, cooper, and others in the future...
New 06-22, 04:52
Highest paid player in nfl history better find a way to beat kansas city.
New 06-15, 14:17
JDR said we were weak at MLB and they've done nothing to change it.
New 06-15, 11:20
we are gonna ride or die with what we have
New 06-15, 11:01
Where are we gonna get that mlb we need or is marquel lee gonna shock the world?
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