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New 09-24, 17:41
Too much protesting/sitting LOL!
New 09-21, 18:52
"Ya know, that slice right there works just as hard as every other in the bag, he has so much talent and does all the right things, ya know I can't see why he won't be a star on a future menu one day"
New 09-21, 18:51
Derek Carr is so polite when he talks that he could make a moldy piece of bread sound like a fresh out of the oven loaf!
New 09-17, 16:21
ya know
New 09-17, 16:21
you guys ever notice that derek carr always says ya know a lot
New 09-14, 17:32
Andy Dalton needs to be BENCHED!!! No accuracy! Only throws the check down or to Aj Green. Give McCarron a go at it
New 09-11, 18:18
Watson is getting killed!
New 09-11, 16:41
Menelik looks awful.
New 09-11, 16:27
Bosa looks good.
New 09-11, 16:27
Who is watching the Donkey game?
New 09-11, 08:20
Any news on Cory James INJ? Know he was questionable before game and went down during game. Didnt see him return after going down
New 09-10, 18:12
DEFENSE played well
New 09-10, 12:49
Karl joseph looks like the real deal
New 09-10, 10:29
offence looked unstoppable. Today was a good day!
New 09-10, 10:28
wow the D stepped up in the secolnd half 2/7 3rd down. The Safeties looked great
New 09-10, 10:25
16 points.........
New 09-10, 08:27
3rd down D is 5/7
New 09-10, 08:25
3rd down D is shit. That is the issue. How many 3rd and longs? Just like last year. Way to upgrade Reggie. Lets wait till Carr retires to upgrade D. SMFH
New 09-10, 08:16
Raiders D 1 hit - Titants D 2 sacks, 2 hits so far
New 09-10, 08:04
DEFENSE IS garbage
New 09-10, 07:40
Run the damn ball... damn
New 09-10, 07:30
DC is the big question this year
New 09-10, 07:28
Secondary and middle linebacker is the big question this year
New 09-10, 07:23
New 09-10, 07:22
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