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New 08-20, 11:24
Elliot is suspended for the first 4-6 games
New 08-20, 10:26
I have the 4th pick in our ff league. If it comes down to Marshawn or Elliot, who should i take
New 08-19, 18:17
Sure, its preseason but this defense looks as bad as last year
New 08-19, 17:08
New 08-19, 16:37
NoRaider, Raidervision is broadcasting it live on Facebook
New 08-19, 16:15
I got noting bro, watching it on network tv
New 08-19, 16:14
New 08-19, 16:13
Damn. They scored
New 08-19, 16:13
Defense looks not so good
New 08-19, 16:10
Can someone DM me a link for the game please?
New 08-19, 16:08
Mack being Mack as always
New 08-18, 23:04
Never seen one but ponchos were from the 60's in general.
New 08-18, 18:14
I'm new to the site. My dad just gave me an old raiders vinyl poncho, i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out more information about it? He said its allegedly from the 1960's.
New 08-14, 04:22
New 08-12, 17:32
17 /3 cards winning
New 08-12, 15:53
Almost time for Raider Football
New 08-12, 15:20
New 08-11, 15:22
Also, we have MANY sports teams in L.A. None of them getting the media attention the Chargers are getting. Rams they promoted last year but not much this year. It's all about the LA Chargers
New 08-11, 14:25
Let's just say they're trying to support them. We'll see. There is talk the Stubhub might add taller barriers to the stands when the Chargers play the Raiders.
New 08-11, 13:26
Horrible when the home city media supports their teams
New 08-11, 12:58
Raw I am tired of all the Rams Charger crap on TV and Radio as well
New 08-11, 12:57
Bob is doing them all I think approvals.
New 08-11, 10:20
Not sure now. Mine only took like 5 minutes.
New 08-11, 07:06
How long does it usually take a mod to approve a new account?
New 08-11, 04:26
I hate all this Rams and Chargers media attention in LA. All sports radio stations are going to feature them the whole season.
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