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New 06-21, 10:25
if anything tho.. still the rams n chargers havnt won shit in California. the Raiders are the only team BESIDES the 9ers to win the SUPERBOWL for Cali.
New 06-21, 10:22
eh the 9ers dont even play in san fransisco nemore. they should be called the santa clara 49ers.
New 06-21, 07:37
New 06-21, 07:37
Agreed! Must suck to be the 2nd favorite team in their own ciry
New 06-20, 13:26
But still..fuck the rams lol
New 06-20, 13:26
LOL! (I meant to put LA) LOL
New 06-18, 15:03
Is SF in Utah or something? Lol
New 06-17, 20:10
Fuck the rams! RAIDERS only California SB champion
New 06-16, 18:03
New 06-16, 18:03
Don't be Scared nfl..Todd downing Offensive Coordinator..... Gruden's Back
New 06-12, 10:50
hack cut already lol
New 05-23, 12:14
Remember, 37 more players have to be cut before opening day. He probably wasn’t making it anyway.
New 05-23, 12:11
We had 10 CB’s on the roster. An obvious position to cut.
New 05-23, 11:17
Cutting senquez to make toom for hackenberg pffft
New 05-18, 08:49
Umm, me.
New 04-21, 16:55
who is happy for chucky? this will be epic
New 04-16, 03:52
Pay #52 $$$ Top 2 Best player in the NFL
New 04-14, 09:55
Who is sitting in front of Curry, wearing the Raiders hat?
New 03-30, 16:49
New 03-30, 16:49
Raiders release King
New 03-30, 05:55
Bowman first, after that there probably wouldn't be enough cap space to sign Bryant even if he was available
New 03-24, 17:26
New 03-24, 17:24
Aye a hungry / I wanna prove some shit Dez Bryant ain't a bad idea....
New 03-21, 09:50
Suh a'int about that action, Boss.
New 03-21, 09:22
Suh is a bitch
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