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New 12-14, 14:20
Martavis Bryant suspended indefinitely
New 12-13, 15:19
Honolulu Raiders for 2019, let’s make it happen Raiders!
New 12-12, 19:25
Trade down from our top 5 pick, get a 3rd 1st for 2020 for the Vegas Party! Ha
New 12-12, 14:21
2020 NFL Draft to be Hosted in Las Vegas
New 12-10, 08:28
Reggie McKenzie Canned!!
New 12-09, 14:57
no way he makes that catch as a Raider
New 12-04, 06:12
New 11-25, 08:52
idiot challenge
New 11-18, 04:53
xramfan...if you are an xfan of a team which i'm not sure how you do that, maybe its time that you jump on their bandwagon...but only to be disapointed as they willl be bounced from the playoffs very eearly
New 11-14, 12:47
Everybody calm down....this is just year 15 of the 20 year rebuild plan......in the next 5 years you wait.......Raiders will improve to 8-8 seasons,,,,,,,,,
New 11-14, 08:51
I watched a total of 5 mins of the raiders game and i feel like i truly wasted those 5 mins.
New 11-07, 20:05
Scared me BK! Don’t do that to us!
New 11-07, 19:31
Site is backup, sorry for the delay
New 11-07, 05:05
Bruce Irvin now a Falcon
New 11-03, 12:42
Bruce Irvin is History.
New 11-01, 14:42
Reggie Nelson again
New 11-01, 14:15
New 10-29, 08:44
didn't see that one coming
New 10-29, 08:15
Browns fire head coach Hue Jackson in middle of third losing season
New 10-23, 12:04
Derek Carr is next
New 10-22, 10:21
wow, how the hell did they pull that off? a 1st round for Cooper? I would think 2nd round at best and most likely 3rd, he drops the ball WAY too much to be a true #1 WR
New 10-22, 09:16
Cooper is a Cowboy now
New 10-20, 11:39
The city doesn't deserve this team!
New 10-20, 11:39
No one is delusional, this team is being built for Vegas, and fans need to get over it. For years all i heard was how we needed a GM and AL Davis needed to go, then we get a GM and he's clueless, a bunch of whiners, i can't wait for them to leave oakland
New 10-20, 07:47
Oak, Raiders fans have a very good reason to be miserable the team has had 1 winning season in 16 years and looks worse than it ever has.... so I guess those are "good moves" some fans may be miserable but the real problem are the delusional fans
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