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New 10-15, 14:00
It's not the curse of the beast, it's curse of the over hyped/over paid snow flakes and Capt Jack Snowflake.
New 10-15, 13:41
The curse of THE BEAST lives
New 10-15, 10:37
Anyone have a streaming site?
New 10-15, 03:41
Bowman visiting is a very good thing
New 10-12, 16:33
New 10-12, 01:52
well, they were playing great in first 2 games...
New 10-11, 15:17
If Jack doesnt change this back ASAP he needs to be shitcanned. This is the most assinine thing I have ever seen. You change your very effective blocking scheme for one player? A player who wont be with the team in another year? And Del Rio approved this?
New 10-11, 15:15
Well, fuck me.. it is true. Dumbass Downing did it for Lynch. www.raidersbeat.com/raiders-moving-to-zone-blocking-scheme-under-new-offensive-coordinator/
New 10-11, 15:13
Are you sure you didnt have a dream about this (or nightmare for that matter) and assumed it as real? If this was true, it would be in the news and i havent seen anything about it
New 10-11, 15:11
If true, that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard any team do, as we have the personnel to run power blocking very very well. I dont believe it. Cant be true. No team is that stupid. Thats like having Aaron Rodgers as your QB and changing to a run offense
New 10-10, 04:41
is this true? we went for power blocking to zone blocking?
New 10-10, 03:51
Well if it is true, change it back!
New 10-10, 02:14
heard it a couple weeks ago cant remember
New 10-09, 15:08
Hard to believe that Tice would just change his blocking scheme. Never heard of a coach doing that.
New 10-09, 08:53
Bambino, are you sure thats true? Where did you hear that?
New 10-09, 06:44
you know its funny oakland went from power blocking to zone this year thats the diff in the oline play
New 10-09, 05:05
if we have andy reid, our offense would be unstoppable
New 10-09, 05:04
we have the world dumbest coaching staff ever
New 10-08, 17:16
We go nowhere with the Shit DC Ken Norton Jr. We have the players, we don't have the DC to make it happen. He's the dumbest DC ever.
New 10-08, 16:20
Kansas City about to go 5-0. Season over
New 10-08, 14:56
It's the curse of THE BEAST
New 10-08, 12:49
poor team effort all the way around
New 10-08, 10:49
man this team looks like shit today
New 10-07, 14:08
New 10-06, 08:10
Hey is there anyone looking for a timeshare in Vegas?
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