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New 10-08, 06:55
just the people dumb enough to pay dick pics so really nothing to see.
New 10-08, 05:18
is there anything in the premium forum?
New 10-08, 03:52
Would be nice to get a VERIFICATION EMAIL. It's only been WEEKS.
New 10-04, 10:52
Be going Full fetal at the first sign of a pass rush Sunday
New 10-04, 10:51
Carr sux ballz
New 10-04, 02:26
Bob, dont see one
New 10-03, 09:45
Please check your junk mail and spam folders for activation emails
New 09-28, 15:18
thank you you dumb asshole
New 09-28, 03:31
Packer fan here. I have nothing but respect for the Raiders.
New 09-27, 20:00
Can't post. Received verification email and verified account but still can't post.
New 09-27, 11:37
are you sure you used the correct email??? [email protected]
New 09-23, 17:16
Hi, I never received a verification email. Not in spam either. Please help!
New 09-15, 13:51
New 09-14, 06:33
New 09-13, 10:01
What is bob’s email?
New 09-13, 06:27
Only Antoni Brown knew but he dead now.
New 09-13, 02:42
How do you resend activation email ?
New 09-07, 10:51
AB signed back to practice squad
New 09-07, 07:48
AB released
New 09-06, 08:34
AB apologizes, will play Monday night
New 08-17, 10:35
fuck that took to long to respond now i will only give you $2 for the cap
New 08-09, 10:46
i will give you $5 for it
New 08-07, 02:52
Hello Raiders Fans! I got a vintage Cap and I want to sell it. It's beautiful: out of black cord fabric with white letters and a coral-coloured element. Do you know where I can post pictures or sell it?
New 06-14, 17:02
Raaaaaaaaiiiiideeeerrrrsssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
New 06-09, 15:57
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