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New 12-13, 14:23
Viva Las Vegas..
New 12-11, 18:53
Ha. This team pissed on there own balls all season...
New 12-11, 09:22
The team pissed on there leg in KC...
New 12-09, 01:38
I haven't gotten my activation email yet, bk.. can you fix it?
New 11-22, 14:20
There is a god!
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New 10-31, 16:48
Reggie obviously doesnt read... he has been hibernating all season.
New 10-30, 17:36
i hope the raiders see all the shit these news people are talking about them and come out the next 8 weeks and show them how wrong they are
New 10-30, 12:50
Mr. Davis please hire me in some capacity. Someone here please help me get in. You will see results right away.
New 10-30, 12:49
I meant to say....Our Raiders talk trash in pregame to teams with better records. They commit stupid penalties and are greeted on the sidelines with smiles and pats on the back...I would change that culture so quick!!
New 10-30, 12:46
Players do what the coach allows or is to scared to bring under control. The raiders tap teach in pre-game to teams with better records...win and then talk. But then again the coach sets the tone. In Africa we have a saying. "Fish rots from the head"
New 10-30, 12:44
Okay so I saw our Lynch sagging his underwear to the game. That would never happen if I was part of that staff! All that matters because it seeks to lack of discipline. Running off the bench during a low level fight is lack of discipline.
New 10-30, 12:40
Please someone find a way to get me in the organization. This team would win with me involved and I mean it. I am passionate about this Raider Nation!!!! Culture!!
New 10-30, 12:38
To me Delrio is a coach that does not get it. He talks about its a "confidence thing" and I laugh. That is stupid because this is the league! Inspire the men! Coach the men! hold then accountable! be disciplined! put in place consequences for stupid mista
New 10-30, 12:36
that does not get it. He is so happy to win but never pays attention of the details of why the game could have been lost. And that gets to the players, trust me. They start to think that they can do anything as long as they win.
New 10-30, 12:35
Raider Nation this team will not get to where we need it unless the culture of Delrio is removed or changed. I knew this last year even when the team is winning. Delrio's reaction to the many penalties in Tampa last year painted a picture of a man
New 10-30, 12:32
Why have a guy on the 53 man roster if he can not play at least at 60-70% of the starter's level. I mean Carr is the starter for a reason but the backup should be of some quality and that is the coaches eyes to see and ensure that?
New 10-30, 12:30
I will tell you how. You are not well coached. you are not prepared! That is Delrio for you. The backup QBs never got meaningful work and that came back to bite us. But a good coach knows that and prepares ahead.
New 10-30, 12:29
Raider Nation do not give this man a pass. Last year the team fell apart in the games without Carr. They looked lost in the playoffs. How can you win 12 games and look lost against a lesser team?
New 10-30, 12:27
Disciplined teams, that know the consequences of bad actions from the head man, teams that have the it to step on opponents necks and to beat the brakes of teams regardless because they have a standard for themselves are the well coached teams.
New 10-30, 12:25
Hire me today to help! Mr. Davis please hire me. I will help to change that culture right away. No excuses! holding every member of the 53 am roster accountable. No sagging pants, no pre-game talking junk to teams. We need to win before we can talk!.
New 10-30, 12:23
I really wish I could be part of the organization. I would help so much. Raider nation how you help me help us? Carr is good, Mack is good, Cooper is good, we just need a coach to push them and build a anger in them for winning!
New 10-30, 12:21
Delores sorry. He is a nice guy but man he is not implementing the future of discipline, accountability. The team is too talented. Coach this guys up and hold every man accountable!
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