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New 05-21, 17:04
Ended up a good game. Don't like either team but watching the Celtics come back with their bench while Cavs stick to their starting 5 the whole game - Neutralized Lebron.
New 05-21, 16:25
Getting interesting. Boston came from 20 down almost the entire game to only 2 points at the begining of the 4th
New 05-21, 08:36
Bahahah. Yeah I guess. Honestly this NBA Playoffs is extremely boring. They should have skipped them and just pit GS and CLE in the finals for a 29 game series
New 05-21, 07:31
New 05-21, 06:19
I guess I can watch the Cavs molest the Celtics on national TV.
New 05-21, 06:18
Man Football season needs to start. Without TWD and no NasCar race on tonight I'm bored AF
New 05-20, 19:14
New 05-20, 17:03
Hola homies
New 05-20, 16:51
howdy fellas
New 05-19, 10:58
New 05-19, 09:50
What's up nutz?
New 05-19, 09:49
Hello Raiderfans!
New 05-19, 09:03
How is everyone?
New 05-19, 09:02
Thanks BK
New 05-19, 08:57
Thanks BK
New 05-19, 08:32
I manually approve all new accounts to help cut down on spam, sorry for the delay but you guys are all set!
New 05-19, 08:32
HITMAN and Tru, welcome back.
New 05-19, 06:19
Why am I not allowed to post in threads?
New 05-19, 05:14
Judas Fucking Priest where is everyone?
New 05-19, 05:13
Seems a tad slow here in chat...
New 05-19, 05:12
New 05-19, 03:51
Reminds of the hamburger on Pulp Fiction....
New 05-18, 16:34
lol I've always thought Blood Killa... Not repping. Just remember being a kid when British Knights and K-Swiss meant something in the bay
New 05-18, 11:09
Never knew that was what BK was..Fitting name for you Bob..
New 05-17, 16:15
Damn, i wanna cool nick name like big kahuna, Bob �� all these years and i dodnt know that.. wtf?
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