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New 23-10, 21:51
i'm groot
New 23-10, 21:30
olson should be serving up french fries at mcdonalds, not running an offense
New 23-10, 21:29
olson is a numbnut
New 23-10, 21:01
get em 12
New 23-10, 20:59
@Brice_Butler @VicTafur he really said that?
New 23-10, 20:59
@VicTafur Olson said Thompkins getting more time than Butler last week also has to do with "production in practice"
New 23-10, 20:12
Am wondering how long it is before incomplete passes are ruled good for the Donko's.
New 23-10, 19:56
everytime the chargers do something good, out comes the yellow flag
New 23-10, 19:50
another TD that helps no one!!
New 23-10, 19:39
I shockingly find myself agreeing with Mike Carey on morethan one occasion. Something foul's affot.
New 23-10, 19:37
There's definitely no bias towards the Donko's at all.
New 23-10, 19:29
I stopped watching the fumble overturn pissed me off too much I hate these fn refs ruining the league
New 23-10, 19:27
why didnt we stop brandon oliver damnit.. they talked about him all week before we played the chargers
New 23-10, 19:26
New 23-10, 19:26
New 23-10, 19:24
Rich is a beast
New 23-10, 19:24
That TD helps no one!!!
New 23-10, 19:23
New 23-10, 19:22
rich72 da man
New 23-10, 19:22
in here
New 23-10, 19:22
Wasn't rich asking if some guy was blacker than Wesley snipes lololo
New 23-10, 19:19
no wonder they lost, they lose a good corner and thier 2 safeties.. I bet phillip rivers felt so confident after that
New 23-10, 19:16
ill check it out alan thanks
New 23-10, 19:08
this is when they were complaining about heat vs the chargers lol. it was the first thing in this article
New 23-10, 19:08
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