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New 27-07, 23:50
Latvius Murry looked good also
New 27-07, 23:49
Rod streeter tried going up for a jump ball on double coverage and looked like he had the ball until he came down hard.
New 27-07, 23:48
I was at camp today. watson #43 looked good. Reece looks slimmer and way faster. he looked real good. both schaub and Carr looked good.
New 27-07, 20:30
the NFL Network has only been showing the damn cowboys camp all day
New 27-07, 15:48
casserly has generally been pro-raiders
New 27-07, 14:55
Not a problem. Hate to see the lack of coverage for the Raiders though.
New 27-07, 14:50
@757 - hahaha. I should finish my day soon so I'll have to watch closely once I make it home. Thanks for the heads up man.
New 27-07, 14:45
Boostjumkie, can't find anything yet. They usually replay all the shows. Probably be on a gain tonight. If you blink, you might miss it....
New 27-07, 14:32
New 27-07, 14:28
any highlights on his comments?
New 27-07, 14:26
Charley Casserly actually said decent things about them.
New 27-07, 14:25
and of course the one time we are on I'm at work.
New 27-07, 14:25
No way.... I don't believe you......
New 27-07, 14:22
Wow, Raiders on NFL Network
New 27-07, 14:01
You and me both DjD
New 27-07, 13:38
Really Hoping Chance Casey pulls through and helps us out at CB
New 27-07, 13:24
or bourbon
New 27-07, 13:23
since they both played in the south
New 27-07, 13:23
they would probably be sippin on henessy
New 27-07, 13:22
those 2 guys would be at the side table drinking
New 27-07, 13:21
yeah, and Jelly Ellis too
New 27-07, 13:21
New 27-07, 13:21
I bet gabe jackson could put a few away also
New 27-07, 13:20
but I think McGloin would be the one to get trashed first
New 27-07, 13:19
so in a game of quarters, I would want to see Seabass, Wiz, Woodson, and McGloin
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