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New 24-04, 14:33
i hope they trade down, that just increases the likelihood of Mack falling to us
New 24-04, 13:06
Sounds like Falcons could move up to #1. Plenty of ammo to get it done, would make the most sense for Texans to move down and get QB at 6
New 24-04, 12:35
New 24-04, 11:41
Somehow, that doesn't sound as bad DJ compared to 14 days!!
New 24-04, 11:34
still 341 hours away bro
New 24-04, 11:30
Is the damn draft here yet??? I can't wait to get this $hit over with. LOL
New 24-04, 11:09
guys pulling crap out of their ass just to say ****
New 24-04, 11:08
DJ is right its all bulll****
New 24-04, 11:05
lol reggie said something a few days before the draft about some guys being over rated by the media and I knew he was talking about floyd
New 24-04, 10:52
You are thinking of Sammy Watkins Silenti.... hahaha
New 24-04, 10:32
grab Matthews round 2... and don;t worry abvout it
New 24-04, 10:20
*or am I ....
New 24-04, 10:20
wasn't Benjamin an off the field problem, is am I thinking of someone else
New 24-04, 10:13
my homer side agrees
New 24-04, 09:52
Vic Tafur going out on a limb here " I have the unpopular belief that Benjamin is going to be better than Evans"
New 24-04, 09:49
and we never really know when the reports we are getting are true, or false. or maybe they are true but just smoke screens…
New 24-04, 09:49
so many factors can change the pick
New 24-04, 09:49
at the end of the day, we will never know until the pick is in and that's the plain truth
New 24-04, 09:45
By the way Reggie was at FLoyds pro day too
New 24-04, 09:45
last year around this time twitter was littered with Floyd @ 3
New 24-04, 09:45
and then look back and see if their predictions were accurate
New 24-04, 09:44
I'm going to start giving "favorite" to every tweet beat writes put on twitter
New 24-04, 09:43
Like Mel Kiper and his Purifoy #10 BPA prediction? haha jk
New 24-04, 09:40
the problem is the media listens to these rumors and boosts guys up in mock drafts and come draft day people are shocked at where they go...this is why i think early year mocks are most accurate
New 24-04, 09:38
Last year, we heard the rumblings about Hayden a day before and the day off. So I don't expect to hear solid rumors until then
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