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New 16-04, 21:04
even though we have mjd and mcfadden maybe he can take punts
New 16-04, 21:04
i like this guy he was very good when they were using him i think hes worth a sixth or seventh rounder
New 16-04, 21:03
leichael james is being shopped
New 16-04, 19:25
Ole ole ole..oooolleeeee
New 16-04, 19:25
Hala Madrid!
New 16-04, 18:54
Lew Wolfe is trying to get the colisium locked up so that they cant build the new Raider stadium there. He is a douche. He has no leverage
New 16-04, 18:35
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYA!!! NHL playoffs kicked off tonight
New 16-04, 18:10
what does mean for colisuem city??
New 16-04, 14:22
"The A's want a 10 yr lease at O.Co coliseum but team has not changed stance that new stadium in San Jose 1st choice"
New 16-04, 14:19
I'm hoping one of Matthews, Mack, Clowney, Robinson fall to No. 5...feeling uneasy about Watkins at No. 5, despite his talent...just don't want to be forced into taking a WR early, like lineplay better, pass rushers
New 16-04, 14:18
that would be ridiculously awesome
New 16-04, 14:14
QBs love great targets...
New 16-04, 14:01
@AllbrightNFL and @PastorJoseph77 have an epic battle going on Twitter right now...it's about Tebow...
New 16-04, 13:38
"Gannon on WR prospect Sammy Watkins: "Watkins would look great in a #Raiders uniform....he can do it all""
New 16-04, 13:29
will be doing everything at his pro day
New 16-04, 13:29
his pro day is next week, he says hes 100%
New 16-04, 13:29
yea hes healthy
New 16-04, 13:27
"Raiders hope to trade QB Terrelle Pryor before the start of the offseason program on Monday, per league source."
New 16-04, 13:25
"#Raiders Tarell Brown says he can play all over the field. Will offer to buy No. 25 from DJ Hayden"
New 16-04, 13:15
is Murray even healthy?
New 16-04, 13:14
and i like mcgloin, but i think murray is going to be a star.
New 16-04, 13:14
I love when people say why would you want murray when we have mcgloin...just because they are around the same height, does NOT mean they have the same skills...
New 16-04, 13:12
I either want TB in the 1st after we trade back, or give me murray in the 3rd
New 16-04, 13:10
New 16-04, 13:09
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