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New 24-07, 09:26
Training Camp preview: A look at the Raiders S --> http://bit.ly/1qCug47
New 24-07, 09:06
but could you criticize Reggie for making the pick? perception is a bitch. Al Davis makes that pick and all hell break loose, Reggie makes it and the PC police will eat you alive if you question it...
New 24-07, 09:05
anyhow, dude is a Raider now and i'm rooting for him but that doesn't blind me from reality, chances are our return on our investment won't be coming this year...
New 24-07, 09:02
IMO there was enough writing on the wall about DJ to not have picked him with our #1, Dude had damn there died on the field not too long before draft, missed a lot of time due to it and then his size not to mention it's not like he came from a top program
New 24-07, 08:23
next year you draft a corner high in hope that he can stay healthy, and please Reggis stay away form ANY CB with an injury history....I don't care if it's a hang nail
New 24-07, 08:16
what choice is there? really. but people who did not like the pick should be able to voice their opoinion,and be told they were right
New 24-07, 07:45
some guyus have injury problems early in their career (see robert smith) and then learn how to train, some guys are just injury prone like Mcfadden hopefully hayden is the former but who knows
New 24-07, 07:43
I have to agree with speed.
New 24-07, 07:42
move on from hayden nothing we can do, i wasn't a huge fan of hte pick but this injury has nothing to do with the one he had in college, we have two solid vet CBs so its less of a concern
New 24-07, 07:35
So if you do some roids you get 4 games but if you knockout a woman in public you get 2…good call NFL
New 24-07, 06:02
I'm really concerned that Hayden will miss most of training camp
New 23-07, 20:50
New 23-07, 16:13
No problem man
New 23-07, 16:03
Thanks Boost!
New 23-07, 15:58
That is correct RF29
New 23-07, 14:41
the team's reporting to Napa today right? Actual training beginning Friday? (that's two weeks before our first pre-season game...so i'm kinda guessing)
New 23-07, 14:24
I can understand a big 300lb lineman getting an ijury during the offseason, but not a small cb.
New 23-07, 14:04
w/one injury before training camp even beginning, crossing my fingers injury #'s during camp are at an all-time low.
New 23-07, 13:57
when a guy like Gronk avoids the PUP it's going to make it that much harder for us to swallow the Hayden pill...
New 23-07, 12:47
Steve Corkran @CorkOnTheNFL · 21m Charles Woodson said a young player such as injured CB DJ Hayden needs as many reps as possible.
New 23-07, 12:17
Charles Woodson of DJ Hayden not here to start camp "It's a big setback" #Raiders"
New 23-07, 11:52
i've gotten way too hyped over reports in the previous decade... i've learned my lesson
New 23-07, 11:51
i always find myself reading all kinds of reports but just because i have nothing better to do
New 23-07, 11:06
...during camp that is.
New 23-07, 11:06
Have to admit, I do like hearing/seeing the notes of how our guys are looking on the field. Defense, Offense, QB's, RB's..who's looking strong, who'd dropping balls, catching, knocking 'em down..etc etc etc.
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