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  1. Whats up man, you gonna be at any of the games this year? You still got your tickets? My buddy and I just got season tickets too, just seeing if you'll be out ther.
  2. Yes, that game was crazy... and lucky you, going to the game this week... For some reason i have a good feeling about this game, for what thats worth. ha. I've decided that I can't afford to go watch such a dysfunctional team right now. So I think I'm done for the rest of the season, unless there's a turn around, I just figure might as well watch it on HD.
  3. hey hey - that Monday Night game was crazy. I was running all over the parking lot trying to meet up w/ yocals. The game sucked as$, i was done cheerng/yelling after the 1st quarter.

    I will be out for the SD game - hitting up the Hilton on Saturday and the game on Sunday. I think I will be back out for the Falcons, not sure yet
  4. Hey John, Sorry it didn't work out at the MNF game... Maybe we can click up at the next game we are both at... hope the rest of your games that you go to go better than that one, because that one was just down right embarrassing, oh well. Hope all is well with you John, enjoy!
  5. here john, here is my cell... 530-400-0451... give me a call whenever
  6. Hey Chris - give me a ring if you get a chance at the game and we can have a beer.

    970-217-8927,........or send me your cell. Cool

  7. whats up man, Yea, I will not be in Oakland until tomorrow, probably will be in the parking lot around 2:30 or 3.... where will you be parking/hanging out tomorrow before the game?
  8. rIGHT ON cHIRS - What are your plans next weekend...are you back in school? You know it's a rival weekend for us SLO VS SDSU
    I will probably be up in Oakland Sunday - I think we are going to try and meet up at Ricky's Sunday night. I will PM you my cell and we can throw back a couple, possibly Monday. GO Raiders
  9. Hey John, I just wanted to thank you again for the tickets and everything, me and my friend had a great time at the games... even if last night's rush defense didn't look too good, but it was nice seeing JaMarcus in person, he truly is unbelievable in person, ball gets moving pretty fast, ha.

    anyways, I just got my tickets for the MNF game, not nearly as good of seats as yours, but it'll be okay. Maybe we can meet up and have a drink or two at the game...

    but thanks for everything, hope all is well for you out there!
  10. Alright, sounds good man. Just get back to me whenever. Didn't know if you were waiting on me or not.
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