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    Still playing, working on some new material with old band members so it's going well and you?
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    Josh Hamilton !
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    We have a lot of Al (RIP) lovers (no disrespect meant) on this site who were willing to wait until the Cows came home while waiting for Al (RIP) to right this sinking ship. Now that Al (RIP) is gone these same fans want to win now with all these stiffs that Al (RIP) hand picked. What gets me is all these clowns wanting Knapp's head to roll because the players can't execute and our offensive line is terrible. RM and DA are not the problem, we need better football players and that's going to take a few years. RM and DA have a plan and they are going to stick with it and I'm sticking with it with them. There is no quick fix here.
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    Probably the logical choice. I'm sure most of RF.NET has him on ignore.
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    Angels have looked horrible. Their pitching staff has collaspe the last few weeks. It's amazing to with the arms that they have, it seems like every game now, they are getting lit up. Besides tuning in to watch Mike Trout and Pujols has stepped it up lately, it is very hard to watch angel baseball now.

    I'm trying to pinpoint what the problem is, just seems when I turn on to watch the game, I see our pitchers giving up bombs. The game is phychological, but wow, I'm in shock.
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    Trumbo worries me with the glove @ 3rd. I'm used to play 3rd base and it's to me harder than short or 2nd and 1st. Most of the ground balls are shots, need to be real alert at 3rd. I'm sure he will get better during the season, but my gut feeling is he will be moved to the outfield part time, but then I don't know, the kid got sick power and can knock the cover off the ball.

    Vernon Wells is a disaster. He is a liability when he hits. He swings at bad pitches, most of the time he just swings with his arms, makes me sick. I rather have Bobby Abreu or Trout play left field.

    Pujols I think is pressing trying to force things, but once he lets the game come to him, he will be a terror at the plate as usual.

    Morales is back, and he has looked the best so far at the plate.

    Tigers look like the team to beat in the AL. I know it's early and things can change, but that back to back combo of Cabrera and Prince is lethal, reminding me of Man Ram and Ortiz a few years ago.
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    Kendry Morales is back and hit a home run yesterday. If we can get this guy back and healthy, this will be a fun year to watch. Pujols, Morales and Trumbo hitting bombs all year, plus the speed of Bourjos, Ayabar and Trout. I been a long time Angel fans since 1979, I am really pumped up for this season to start.
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    What do you think of the new playoff format now. Where the 2 wildcard teams play one game to play in the divisional playoffs. Angels and Rangers chances have gone up next season to make the playoffs next season
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    What do you think of the new playoff format now. Where the 2 wildcard teams play one game to play in the divisional playoffs. Angels and Rangers chances have gone up next season to make the playoffs next season
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    I am too. I called up Angel head quarters about tickets, but they will be much harder to get than last season. I had a sweet deal last season, where I got seats for a reasonable price, now it will be much harder and more expensive buy for some good seats. I plan to go again for a few games this season, I hope around 5-10 games. I can't wait to see the Angels this season, Rangers and Angels will be on a collision course for the AL West, barring injuries.
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