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    Let's go Browns

    Didn't see it that way at all. How is Rudolph going to rip Garrett's helmet off when he's flat on his back ? Looked to me that Mason was grabbing Garrett's

    RAIDERMAN818 Today, 12:23 AM Go to last post

    Let's go Browns

    Rudolph should get at least a game for instigating the entire thing. He tried ripping Garrett’s helmet off first. Doesn’t justify what Garrett

    Raiders1992 Today, 12:07 AM Go to last post

    Playoff spot again!

    Yes it is, and that should be our goal.

    I'd like to see Gruden pull a Jim Mora everytime someone mentions the playoffs to him.

    RAIDERMAN818 Yesterday, 11:20 PM Go to last post

    Sayings I'm so tired of hearing.

    I don't like the 'generational player' stuff either. That's overhyping Mack. I think Von Miller and JJ Watt were more devastating than Mack. And that's

    RAIDERMAN818 Yesterday, 11:10 PM Go to last post

    Let's go Browns

    If the Raiders were involved there would be no suspensions. A firing squad maybe, but no suspensions.

    I'm thinking Garrett might be done

    RAIDERMAN818 Yesterday, 10:57 PM Go to last post