Raider Gaming Gods

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  1. DarkSpartan
    I'll get this started.

    My console of choice is the 360.
    Gamertag: Neolink

    Favorite games: GoW, GTA IV, Skate, Bioshock, COD4
  2. rckabillyRaider
    360 here but too lazy to connect it online

    Favorite games: Madden, NBA 2k8, Saints Row
  3. UC
    I play 360... Army of Two, Fable Guilty Gear every now and then. I just got the internet and tried to hookup Live but it won't accept my IP address on the set up. I have a cable modem from Comcast. Does this not have an IP? I'm a CPU dummy.
  4. OaklandRdr
    I play on the PS3 console. Im online mostly playing COD4 or Madden. Waiting for SOCOM's release. My online handle is OaklandRdr. See you all online!
  5. or24
    Just 360 baby!
    GT: tjor24
    Madden, NBA 2k8, Cod4, Gears of War, and just getting into Halo. About to buy it soon. I play gta4 a little but not really online.
  6. DarkSpartan
    UC - I'll post a fix to your issue tomorrow.

    It looks like we have enough members to start a forum. I'll work on that tomorrow as well. Some of my ideas are to have a sticky with everyone's Gamertag and PSN handles, a poll on what games you all are most excited about that are releasing this year, your game of the year votes, etc.

    And of course a Madden thread!
  7. UC
    Alright.. I figured it out and went Gold
  8. Touchdown
    I play the ps3 and 360 online, mostly 360 though. Only games I got for ps3 are MLB the show 08 and metal gear solid 4. For the 360, I mostly play call of duty 4 and occasionally gta4. I got a bunch of other games too but none as addicting as call of duty.
    Gamertag for the 360 is shonuff247
    for the ps3, shonuff824
  9. UC
    Army of Two on Xbox live won't play when I try and do a quick match. It says my disk is unreadable and to clean it with a soft cloth. I done did that and there isn't a scratch or anything visible on the disc. It's really pissing me off.
  10. Raidersabc123
    Sup I play PS3 a lot of Madden 08 im ranked in the top 100 when I was playing none stop my highest rank was 58 so I call my self the Madden God lol
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