Colorado Raiders fans

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    I'm in. Doing my part to rid the world of Donkey fans one asshole at a time.
  2. ekgraider
    I'm ready to do what is necessary to cleanse our state of the repulsive jackass population! REVOLUTION!!
  3. MileHighRaider
    I see it as a personal crusade to enlighten every one of these silly Donkey fans on the purity and excellence of the Silver & Black.

    Raiders forever, Baby!
  4. sraiderguy
    Do you guys get together to watch games somewhere? There a few RAIDERS fans up here in longmont that hit the bars, since I let my sunday ticket get cancelled(2 much $$$)
  5. MileHighRaider
    So why don't we get together this fall for a game or two? I'm in the DTC and sraiderguy is in Longmont. Where are the rest of you folks?
  6. ekgraider
    I would be open to discussing getting together for a game, I will admit it hard to convince me to leave my home to drive all the way to denver to watch a game and then worry about driving home!
  7. MileHighRaider
    I usually get a hotel when I go downtown - or take the light rail home. But it's kind of nice to not have to worry about the drive. Have a little mini-vacation of sorts.
  8. tedford
    I'm up in henderson co up by the flea market DONKEYS SUCK
  9. CORaiderFanJohn
    Anyone else planning on going to the homeopener or the game a mile high?

    I miss this guy [IMG]http://i24.e***********/02/s/05/f4/00/31_2.JPG[/IMG]
  10. CORaiderFanJohn
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