Classic Rock and Raiders

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  1. Jimi18
    Post picture, blogs,stories, or Youtube videos of your favorite Classic Rock band!
  2. Candygirl73
    Oh hells yeah Jimi spelled "Lynyrd Skynyrd" wrong
  3. Candygirl73
    While I was young when alot of these groups and others were out I did go up listening to them. I had a very young Mom and alot of these groups were from her time.

    Didn't realize til I was "grown" that this is some of the best music in the world and it will never be the same!
  4. Jimi18
    I thought the named looked longer than it was suppose to my 18yr old daughters favorite group is Led Zeppelin
  5. Candygirl73
    You should be able to edit it. Damn we can't be the only classic rock lovers here!!
  6. Livin_in_Al's_Fro
    2 of my favorite things in the world....The Raiders and Classic Rock!!!!
  7. RobTheRaider
    Man I'm a huge Aerosmith fan! Love CCR, who doesn't? Raiders, Rock and Women, what else is there? Ok, the Women part is now singular, as in woman, as in my wife, but hey I still like to look and I'm sure she still likes to look, if you aren't appreciating the beauty around you you might as well be dead, not the Grateful kind either.
  8. raidersrocker
    AC/DC's new album is due to be released in the Fall...............through Wal-mart only
  9. Jimi18
    thanks rocker... I need to get war paint from the black crowes... not AS classic, but none the less
  10. Strangebrew
    Pink Floyd is my favorite band. I also love old AC/DC, Lynard Skynard, Thin Lizzy, etc
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