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Force recon

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by , 05-01-2012 at 03:53 PM (1286 Views)
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I am a Gunny with almost 14 years in. I go to SDSU right now and I earn my commission in May. To be a Recon officer you usually start in the Infantry MOS 0302 or Inter (Ground or Human) then you can get into the Recon pipeline if you so desire and can pass the training. Some of my best friends were Recon operators and instructors and are going to commission soon or just commissioned. If you have questions about the Marine Corps, or getting a commission, or whatever, hit me up with a PM and give me your # and I can give you a call and hopefully answer some questions and give you an idea of what you want to do. Semper Fi!!
YOU ARE THE MAN SEMPHER FI always and forever it si not just a motto for me when I die on my gravestone they better write
Patraiot....American Patraiot he loved his god, his country and his family, and he went to ucla and usc .

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  1. socalraidersfan's Avatar
    I have nothing but respect for my brothers in a former FMF corpsman....I know more about the business end of an AR-15 or a 9mm...than being part of ships company...I salute you and all Special Warfare types where Recon or SEALS!