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Unfortunate loss but.........

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by , 10-02-2011 at 06:53 PM (402 Views)
Even though we lost tonight to the patriots, i saw a ton of good things. to start off i need to get this off my chest that i agree with coach jackson that blaming the refs is a ton of crap but that one pass interference call with jacoby was a load of bs and probably the worst call i ever witnessed. now on to the good stuff, if you look back on the game we had 2-3 great opportunities to score touchdowns, obviously we didnt but the opening drive we could've had a touchdown easily, and then the surprising JC interception and finally the jacoby, ref mess up play. so really if we scored even two of those, the outcome of the game may have been totally different. and me being optimistic we had a great opportunity to win against an elite team, despite the fact that a few unfortunate things happened. but really raider fans i think we have what it takes to become an elite team by mid season! Discipline is all we need. till next week, Just Win Baby!!!

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