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  1. Basic understanding of Oakland Raiders. What is needed to be known?
  2. Fans Throwing a bottle onto the field...
  3. Instant Replay
  4. ? about AFC west winner take all
  5. pass interference
  6. difference between punt returners and kick returners
  7. A-11 offense
  8. When you pump fake, then TUCK the ball back in, then get hit and lose the ball...
  9. Ut?
  10. The Wing-T
  11. How do you get into coaching?
  12. False start vs. Encroaching..
  13. How to Minimize our Sacks....
  14. Alphabet soup... WR Breakdown...
  15. Difference Between a 3-4 and 4-3 defense
  16. Discuss your ideas for rule changes...
  17. The all-time draft question.
  18. We're moving to ZONE BLOCKING so here's some...
  19. A-gap B-gap diagram, etc.
  20. Salary Cap 101
  21. QB/Superbowl question...
  22. pro style offense?
  23. What do you look at in a QB?
  24. Seen this on tv..
  25. To Boo or Not to Boo
  26. When is the best time to use a cover 2 defense??
  27. What offense to run for 11 and 12 yr olds
  28. What is pancaking?
  29. Tons of college and pro playbooks to download
  30. Well worth a look
  31. Off season
  32. Hmmmmm...??
  33. I got a question
  34. Can You Guys Help Me Out
  35. Porter confrontation...
  36. morrison
  37. What is the difference between enchroachment and offsides?
  38. Many of you have asked for it