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  1. Jay Cutler
  2. 3 things Raiders offense did vs Chiefs they hadnít done first 6 weeks
  3. New Bowman Told Carr
  4. one trade Raiders should make before the trade deadline
  5. Plenty of blame to go around
  6. Raiders workout 13 Cornerbacks
  7. Silver and Black
  8. sterling moore to be released
  9. RB Hood Activated
  10. Cooper named Player of the Week
  11. NaVorro Bowman Already Paying Big Dividends For Raiders Both On And Off The Field
  12. Which team shows up Sunday?
  13. Piss on London
  14. Thursday night football
  15. Raiders Bills info
  16. Shalom Luani May Start for Karl Joseph
  17. wow the jags got marcell dareus
  18. Secondary
  19. Stats through game 7
  20. lol
  21. Game day thread Raiders vs Bills
  22. Carr is entering bust status
  23. Shouldn't someone be FIRED?
  24. Season is OVER
  25. where is this offense we saw in 1st drive and 2nd drive?
  26. NFL 2017: 5 Coaches on hot seat entering Week 7
  27. Richard gives himself a nick name
  28. Poor game planning?
  29. Season Not Over, Just need to be perfect
  30. Raiders of the Lost Cause
  31. Amari Cooper a FF bust (and possibly NFL bust)
  32. Blitzing?????
  33. Boycott
  34. Bruce Arians
  35. reggie mckenzie as a gm here so far... TIME FOR NEW GM!
  36. current order of the draft
  37. tale of derek carr career - yards per pass attempt
  38. Draft History
  39. obi to make his debut this week
  40. This team has fell off ( Link)
  41. Any Trades???
  42. vontae davis available
  43. Following Packers, Patriots model, with two big exceptions
  44. marshawn lynch missing practices now !!!
  45. It Could Be Worse....
  46. todd dummy a huge mistake
  47. The Jokeland Raiders
  48. Time for a laugh ( South Park making fun of Tom Brady) Link
  49. ESPN analyst says Oakland Raiders made mistake hiring Todd Downing
  50. Mike Tice
  51. Kirkland vs Jano
  52. Coaching Change @ Year's End?
  53. Pizza Chain Founder Loses $70 Million In Hours, Blames NFL
  54. Gannon: Raiders Offense Looks Confused, Lacks Communication
  55. Does anyone else feel this way?
  56. Strange & Bizarre season?
  57. Defensive Playcalling
  58. Derek Carr may have healed physically but not psychologically
  59. The Problem more Carr than Downing?
  60. Carr or Hostetler?
  61. James and Bowman
  62. Denver gets 5th Loss
  63. Commercials?
  64. Official GameDay Thread: Raiders @ Dolphins SNF
  65. Fire KNJ tomorrow with the bye week - give Pagano complete Dcor duty
  66. Lee Smith penalty
  67. Raiders Dolphins highlights
  68. QB Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders, 90.4 overall grade
  69. Thoughts on Kicker and dropped passes
  70. Secondary, Cooper are weak links
  71. Cutlers Stats - Makes you cringe about....
  72. Raiders VS Dolphins since 2001
  73. Raiders O-Line Let Derek Carr Get Hit Due To His Views On Protests
  74. Attention seeking idiot makes up story about Carr and the Oline
  75. Patriots preparing for Raiders in High Altitude
  76. -Martellus Bennett-
  77. Raiders OC Todd Downing at Crossroads in young coaching career
  78. Marcus Peters KC almost burned down Marshawn Lynch House
  79. To all the Veterans on this board and your families, Thank you
  80. Pick your poison....
  81. Vegas....
  82. Conley on the shelf?
  83. Chargers/Jaguars
  84. Mexico City Volcano Eruption will it cancel Raiders Game?
  85. [email protected] SNF
  87. have hope! stop acting like pussies!
  88. Conley on IR
  89. Reluctantly joining the shut up Marquette crowd
  90. Pro Bowl Ballot
  91. CB Antonio Cromartie To Raiders I Am Available and Ready to Work
  92. Carr in my FF league
  93. Goodell Contract?
  94. Opinion: Deep Issues With the Patriots
  95. The Crushout continues
  96. Why the Raiders can beat the Patriots
  97. Nnamdi Asomugha is making movies now
  98. Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist and co-founder, dead at 64
  99. Night of too many stars.
  100. Guess the score
  101. Official Gameday Thread - Patriots @ Raiders #RaidersEnMexico
  102. Intl Home Game - Tie Breaker
  103. Will the Raiders D set this dubious season record?
  104. How many yards to TE's will the Raiders give up?
  105. KC LOSES to 2-9 Giants
  106. Chiefs LOSE!
  107. MD Clean house
  108. Lynch kneels for our anthem, stands for Mexican anthem
  109. WR stats Vs NE
  110. Was it fair by the NFL
  111. Until Marshawn is cut
  112. Donks Fire Mike McCoy
  113. It's time for wholesale changes
  114. What could have been
  115. Conley to have Surgery.
  116. Raiders: Film room
  117. Broncos will probably drop 30+ points on this "Defense"
  118. sign OBJ in the offseason!
  119. New Head Coach? Maybe GM?
  120. Donkos to start Paxton Lynch at QB against Raiders
  121. Norton fired!
  122. Sign freeney
  123. Have we given up on this season
  124. What Raiders Can Expect From John Pagano As Defensive Coordinator
  125. We are still alive!!
  126. Hue Jackson
  127. Bruce Irvin Leaves Practice Wednesday Over Ken Norton Firing
  128. Darrelle Revis signs with Kansas City Chiefs
  129. Happy Thanksgiving
  130. Defense - Conspiracy Theory
  131. Chargers are killing the Cowboys
  132. What ruined the 2017 Season?
  133. Can history repeat itself? Del Rio
  134. Who's to blame?
  135. Bill Musgrave vs. John Pagano: Numbers spell trouble for Raiders
  136. Del Rio should show this video every day
  137. Who fired KNJ?
  138. Jim Harbough should be targeted by MD as Raiders Next Head Coach
  139. DelRio starting to take heat
  140. mark ingram could become unrestricted free agent
  141. Report Raiders To Fire OC Todd Downing At Years End
  142. Will this team finally step up today?
  143. Are you kidding KC to lose !!!
  144. Broncos @ Raiders (game thread) Win one game back from the chiefs!
  145. Cooper
  146. Idea for Crab...
  147. Difference in D? Pagano vs KNJ
  148. Raiders Broncos Highlights
  149. thankyou
  150. Marshawn Lynch Escorted Aqib Talib threw Oakland Sideline
  151. Obi
  152. Do we have WRs on the Practice Squad?
  153. After all this...we control our Division Destiny
  154. Travel to Oakland for Giants game
  155. Crabtree suspended two games
  156. Giants switching QBís
  157. Ex Raider Darren McFadden retiring after 10 seasons
  158. Crabtree suspension reduced
  159. Raiders being sued by man who charged Sean Smith with assault
  160. Giants #1 cb janoris jenkins ir
  161. Tailgate
  162. Oakland Raiders fan favorite LaTroy Lewis signed to Houston Texans active roster
  163. Todd Downing has uphill battle to keep job
  164. Jano
  165. Refs Association Express Concern To Goodell That Gabe Jackson Wasnít Suspended
  166. Watch mack go for 3 sacks min
  167. Amari Cooper Ruled Out vs Giants Concussion Ankle Injury
  168. Gabe Jackson fined $30,387 for making contact with Official
  169. Oakland might target Titans or Jaguars for relocation after Raiders move to Vegas
  170. Oakland Raiders injury report
  171. NFL's Social Justice victims
  172. Late round drafted undrafted rookies outperforming fellow higher drafted counterpart
  173. Official Gameday Thread Giants @ Raiders
  174. Jets!!!!!!
  175. Gronkowski cheap shot
  176. todd dummy finally figured it out
  177. numbers of the beast (afc west)
  178. Is it time for Patterson to start?
  179. RAIDERS DEFENSE Looking better
  180. Walford
  181. Bowman want to stay a Raider (2018)
  182. NYG fired HC and GM
  183. amari cooper
  184. Karl Joseph
  185. Go Steelers??
  186. I'm going to Kansas City!!!
  187. Willie McGinest predicts the remaining records for AFC West
  188. Melifonwu
  189. Jalen Richard....
  190. Lincoln Kennedy Breaks it Down
  191. Amari Cooper is still in the concussion protocol.
  192. KC suspends Peters this weekend
  193. KC defense keeps taking loses
  194. Where's the Goodell Love for $$$
  195. Kenny Britt?
  196. Bruce Irvin Discusses Ken Norton Firing
  197. Raidersí Cooper practices, may play vs. Chiefs
  198. Raiders Rally tonight in Downtown KC
  199. Romanowski says 49ers have 'half the talent' as Raiders but play harder
  200. Cooper is good to go today
  201. Derek Carr has regressed
  202. Official Gameday Thread Raiders @ Chiefs JUST WIN BABY
  203. Carr Needs To Go!
  204. Gut it start over
  205. Downing
  206. RAIDERS should change their name
  207. Who is your new GM pick
  208. Johny Holton
  209. Refs throwing games
  210. damn thats a F#&@ed up feeling in the gut right now...
  211. Don't think Del Rio should be canned?
  212. Is it too early to...
  213. Raiders TE Lee Smith has harsh comments about his team after loss
  214. At least our defense has improved
  215. 9-7
  216. How much of a difference does a coordinator make?
  217. Top 3 reasons why Raiders are still mediocre at best
  218. Del Rio's contract
  219. Jack Del Rio says Todd Downing to remain OC the rest of the year
  220. Dolphins
  221. Del Rio still steamed after Raiders fall flat in loss at KC
  222. Kenny britt signs with the patriots
  223. Jack Del Rio Has Lost This Team
  224. Better for Chiefs or Chargers to win this weekend? Or doesnt matter?
  225. Obi to IR, 2017 draft class a bust....
  226. Raiders let promising rookie CB Breon Borders get away, signed by the Bills
  227. Observations
  228. Cowboys @ Raiders (GAME THREAD)
  229. Make Del Rio Walk the Plank NOW
  230. Touchback rule is garbage
  231. Winners and losers
  232. Crab Concussion Crap
  233. BS 1st Down Photo
  234. Marshawn Lynch Poll, Yay or Nay
  235. How were we cheated, let me count the ways
  236. Raiders fans vs Steelers fans
  237. Penn Out for Year
  238. Time For a Gruden rumor
  239. Missed Block by Cook would have been walk in TD on Derek Carr fumble
  240. Sean Smith
  241. under knj vs under pagano
  242. Pro bowl
  243. Running Back
  244. This ended our season.
  245. Lynch article.
  246. NFL Forbids Folded Cards for Measurements
  247. Custom shirts made after Papergate
  248. Raidersí marshawn lynch fined $24,000 by the nfl
  249. Raiders finally raid another teams PS
  250. Which Of These 8 Free Agents Will Stay