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  19. What to do with the RB situation?
  20. 2009 NFL Offseason Transactions
  21. J Russ last three games
  22. Johnnie Lee Higgins...........
  23. Raiders sign WR D.J.Hall........
  24. The "Official" Hitman Vs. LOUISVILLE R8R Wager Thread!
  25. 2009 Oakland Raiders Schedule
  26. Class of 2009 Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalists.
  27. Raiders need to get Plaxico for '09 season!
  28. Would anyone like to see Brian Billick?
  29. Reminder about requesting or posting links to the game
  30. Please take a moment to sign Steve Smith's Guestbook!
  31. Tommy Kelly was arrested for DUI back in 2008.
  32. Who's Jersey Are You Sporting Tonight?????
  33. Who Made the Cutler/Mcdonalds Bag photo to bring to game?
  34. 2008 W-L Prediction
  35. The Positivity Bandwagon!
  36. If you could get Chad Johnson or Roy Williams
  37. 2008 is the Return of the Raiders
  38. 3-4 Defense
  39. Looking for more Raider fans support at Sirius NFL radio
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  41. So...where are all the "We should have drafted Leinart" people now?
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  46. Pro Football Weekly on JaMarcus Russell
  47. Touchdown Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiders!
  48. So, Family to you I ask: Who's wearin' S&B today?
  49. Our project players.