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  1. Harbaugh contract extension
  2. Anyway to get a list of the years left on current Raider contracts?
  3. Bang Cartoon 12/31: Drops in the Bucket
  4. Jerry McDonald talking Raiders on KNBR
  5. Raiders offseason
  6. Pass On Crabtree!
  7. Had a bad thought
  8. Herrera clams reports linking Raiders to coaching candidates are false
  9. Great Improvement as the season went by...
  10. For the first time since 2002....
  11. Call me crazy
  12. Mr. Davis PLEASE....
  13. Raiders 2009 O-Line??
  14. Trade Fargas!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Cable... I Want To Thank You For Contributing To The Firing Of Mike ShannaRAT
  16. Does Anyone have the Insight?
  17. Rat Face Shanahan FIRED!!! Merged Many Times
  18. Question To The Commish
  19. How do you think the RB timeshare should be handled?
  20. John DeFilippo
  21. What if Cable wants to keep Knapp or keep calling plays?
  22. Well What do you think about Martz
  23. Jim Harbaugh Bio
  24. vote for micheal bush
  25. Possible Defensive Coordinator Candidates
  26. Just saw on ESPN..
  27. No Cable! I want a dish
  28. Fan banner ideas for '09
  29. Just read this comment...
  30. question about Mcfadden for the fans
  31. The fact that Gilbride is even being considered..
  32. Little Help.....
  33. Who was DC in 2002
  34. the last time we knocked a team out the playoffs.....
  35. Tom Cable Video - On Season Ending Victory
  36. ESPN puts Crabtree at #7 pick to the Raiders.
  37. Mario named starter?
  38. Father Jack Hackett = Al Davis
  39. Keep Cable
  40. LT Andre Smith Suspended from Bowl Game
  41. Why not Gannon as OC and T.Brown as WR coach?
  42. 2010 Pro Bowl to Miami
  43. Kiffin supporters... again.
  44. These Damn Raiders!
  45. Why Not Mangini?
  46. Cowher is willing to listen to the jets Why Not Raiders.
  47. I know why we have signed Rankin....
  48. End of the Season Report
  49. 31st once again.
  50. I wonder if this guy feels the same today?
  51. Trade Fargas?
  52. Vote for RB Michael Bush!
  53. Raiders seek to speak with Giant's Gilbride
  54. Weighing in on the Russell debate.
  55. Why No Cable Post Game
  56. Tampa Bay Handcuffs And Ejects You For Rooting For The Opposing Football Team
  57. Raider Fan not appreciated in the Pewter Hole
  58. Some Post Season Thoughts (And a milestone)
  59. Early Draft Projections
  60. The Keys To Vicory
  61. Best Quotes of the Week
  62. im proud
  63. Press Conference Today?...
  64. Defensive Opinion
  65. Free Agent WR`s for 2009
  66. Official Head Coach Firing Thread; 2008-2009
  67. M Bush - keep it in perspective
  68. The million dollar question...
  69. What the fuc !
  70. Predict the SuperBowl
  71. Raiders success in the early 2000's? More GANNON than GRUDEN.
  72. Has Fargas Played His Last Game?
  73. Huge props to the run blocking on offense.
  74. ***KEEP CABLE + hire Steve Mariucci as OC!!!***
  75. Raider fan gets kicked out of Tampa stadium just for being a Raider fan
  76. Our key to the offense........
  77. Nnamdi Asomugha one of the greatest seasons ever for a CB?
  78. Players I'd Like To See More Of
  79. Russell wants Cable to stay
  80. A good realistic main coaching crew
  81. Michael Bush Post Game Interview
  82. Offensive Picks - Pass Interference Needs Called
  83. Jamarcus MCBush!!!
  84. d coordinator
  85. Does anyone know if this is accurate or not?
  86. Awesome Day, Now what if we could pull this off !!!
  87. Cable stakes his claim
  88. To the future!
  89. So what do we take away from this season,and where do we go from here?
  90. A perfect football weekend!
  91. question bout afc west
  92. How was that not an interception?
  93. Anyone have Cables press conference?
  94. 170+ yards, 2 TD's!!!!Michael Bush Baby!!!!!!
  95. Replay of the game today
  96. What's our draft position? Merged
  97. Higgins dance this time?
  98. At least we finished with two straight wins
  99. Henderson?
  100. Thanks for Keeping Your Word Mario