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  18. mariohenderson: Florida State vs. Miami won of da biggest games of The year but you k
  19. mariohenderson: tired of watchin all dis boring college football games its time for r
  20. mariohenderson: @Trapj99 Young gunna on da track jack
  21. mariohenderson: @davidclowney Boy i see why we beat yall in da ACC championship 2yrs
  22. mariohenderson: @crimetime31 you tunning in tommoro nite to watch da boys go to work
  23. mariohenderson: @davidclowney Boy i see why we beat yall in da ACC championship 2yrs
  24. mariohenderson: Florida State vs. Miami won of da biggest games of The year but you k
  25. mariohenderson: @sweetkadence i hate dem too
  26. mariohenderson: @SUCCULENTLIPS im gud and wats up wit ya and i see you been workingou
  27. mariohenderson: @RachTaback3 i will try and maybe towards da end when dey play florid
  28. mariohenderson: whos da betta rapper Lil wayne, Jay Z, 50 cent, T.I., tupac, biggie.i
  29. mariohenderson: @Trapj99 did u see dat game its gon b hard for me to sleep tonite nig
  30. mariohenderson: @kirkmorrison52 Its a sad day bro im so sick from da game i need to s
  31. mariohenderson: @ddockett u still wanna see me on dat madden and did u watch da game
  32. mariohenderson: @ModelBubbles wats up
  33. mariohenderson: @SUCCULENTLIPS do u work out everyday
  34. mariohenderson: Florida STate yall making me proud so far 2 more quarters before da v
  35. mariohenderson: @SUCCULENTLIPS haha dats wat im talking bout i cant wait to see dat
  36. mariohenderson: Lets's get it FSU da road to da national championship starts tonite
  37. mariohenderson: @sweetkadence preciate and of coarse let me kno when ur ready to come
  38. Heyward_Bey: @iansaj oh yes i will thanks for the support man
  39. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL we qonna shock thee world juss watch
  40. Heyward_Bey: feeelin this sonq so qood by day 26 checc it out yeaah?
  41. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL well you knoe qiants is bickk in all ; i dont likee watch
  42. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL not necessairlyy
  43. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL i dont play defensee if i did an i went up aqainst brando
  44. Heyward_Bey: @oaktownraiders i think seymours a great player he should help us stop t
  45. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL yeah im always serious but yeah tell me boutt thiss
  46. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL brandon jacobs is juss big as hell an nobody wanna tackle
  47. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL haha we play the giants on oct 11
  48. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL ima have to get off that qamee haha im score a touchdown
  49. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL i wont point at no 1 ill point at the sky haha an why wou
  50. Heyward_Bey: @eduardoraider oh no doubt im show everybody why i deeserve to be a firs
  51. Heyward_Bey: @raidersblog rankin is way better then gary russell
  52. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL yeaaah onee of theese days
  53. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL umm dunno prolly? cant really say never seen u play
  54. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL safety? you any quhd?
  55. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL alriqht do you play
  56. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL umm not to suree what that is?
  57. Heyward_Bey: @NikkiMarieLFL pssh! welll see! yall wont score on us
  58. dmcfadden20: Jus got done wit our mornin meetin n waitin around for pregame meal
  59. dmcfadden20: @1onlyClem I guess its been so long I forgot lol
  60. dmcfadden20: @GodsBrightSTAR yup yup
  61. dmcfadden20: @adriana1975 goodmornin
  62. dmcfadden20: @adriana1975 yea I'm ready to get it goinn
  63. dmcfadden20: @adriana1975 haha thanks
  64. dmcfadden20: @1onlyClem u silly
  65. dmcfadden20: @1onlyClem :d
  66. dmcfadden20: @jermy08 I don't kno if ima be able to really
  67. dmcfadden20: @1onlyClem yes?
  68. dmcfadden20: @areyouss naw what did he have?
  69. dmcfadden20: Watchin a old school FL n FL st. game
  70. dmcfadden20: Chillen in tha hotel waitin for meetins
  71. murph918: If ur not a Gator your Gator bait..today starts the road to our 4 th Nation
  72. dmcfadden20: dang i be MIA huh? goodmornin people
  73. dmcfadden20: @yellabonechic :-)
  74. murph918: Good game last night by both FSU and UM...both teams r young but look reall
  75. murph918: The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth
  76. murph918: Goodmorning twit world...
  77. murph918: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion,
  78. murph918: wats the score of the fla game?? anybody??
  79. murph918: 42-3 halftime....ok off on the right foot
  80. murph918: Headed to the cal vs. Terps game..my boyz goin at it..nyan boateng from cal
  81. murph918: Cal 24 Terps 6 ...closer than it sounds
  82. murph918: And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is ma
  83. murph918: This is a good game..who yall think gone win...contemplating a lot of thing
  84. murph918: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they s
  85. murph918: @11FAY do ya thang lil bro...stand tall out there bra
  86. murph918: God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. James 4:6
  87. dmcfadden20: @CLovebob what it be like bro
  88. dmcfadden20: @BGSport its sucks to be down there n tha weather is bad
  89. dmcfadden20: @yellabonechic :o u too
  90. dmcfadden20: @CLovebob thats what up, what yall lookin like out there
  91. dmcfadden20: @Novack2 ima have to find me some to check out when we got done wit our
  92. murph918: Chillin on a off day...
  93. murph918: Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.
  94. murph918: Meetings and walk thru...at least we back home
  95. murph918: Chapel tonight...pre game ritual
  96. murph918: Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall observe it wi
  97. murph918: New Orleans today...time to go to work
  98. kirkmorrison52: @kassimosgood didn't we all have a crush on Lisa Turtle on Saved by t
  99. MikeMitchell34: Battle for the bay!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamean!
  100. MikeMitchell34: Rookie show was fun finally got some revenge on the vets!