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  1. new New Orleans based singer-songwriter,Benjamin Booker
  2. A Dedication Thread: Jimi Hendrix
  3. Rip Ray Manzarek
  4. Tiny Desk concerts
  5. New hip hop artist
  6. Metallica song cloaked in Bossa nova at wedding reception
  7. The Coup,worth checking out?
  8. R.I.P. Jon Lord
  9. dude rippin on C Brown's new music
  10. Bay Area Iron Maiden Fans-Check These Ladies Out on 6/13/12!!!!!
  11. David Lee Roth,back with Van Halen
  12. A Pittance of Time
  13. Rolling Stones fans
  14. Representing Oakland in this New Music Video!
  15. What I've been up to - Devil in a RockNRolla fitted - Briton
  16. Help a fellow Raider fan out- Youtube Channel
  17. R.I.P. Gary Moore
  18. Black Eyed Peas Fans!
  19. Cee Lo Green, “The Lady Killer”
  20. will this stunt help this band's career
  21. I'm a white rapper.
  22. Mike Portnoy Quits DREAM THEATER
  23. Eminem
  24. Iron Maiden 2morrow Night (6/20) in Concord, CA!!!!!
  25. Raider Nation: Help me make a dream come true! GET MY BAND ON THE KISS TOUR!
  26. Check out Rochester, NY Band; PHEROMONES (FREE MISFITS COVER SONG!)
  27. Distant Relatives
  28. slipknot
  29. what's your thoughts on this collaboration
  30. R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio
  31. Rush news and short interview
  32. Progressive Rock
  33. just heard this
  34. what...Enter Sandman{smooth jazz version}
  35. Only for the REAL Hip Hop heads...
  36. Raider Related Lyric In My Bands Tunes ...
  37. Favourite bands.
  38. Temper Trap - Aussie band getting bigger in the UK. Check them out.
  39. Deciding on Pickups
  40. Metallica: $50K REWARD
  41. 20 Fav Tailgate Songs?
  42. Les Paul dies
  43. raider rap songs...
  44. Morrissey/ The Smiths
  45. With the little help from my friends
  46. Best Party Music?
  47. Listen to your heart Remix-VKB
  48. Good songs no one heard.
  49. Rock H.O.F.
  50. Chris Brown is firing his PR people.
  51. Journey
  52. ELO bassiest dies
  53. Skynyrd keyboardist Powell dies
  54. A Jimmy Page mix
  55. Music Video- hilarious
  56. Help me find this song
  57. Guitar players
  58. Finally.. Chinese Democracy
  59. E-40 - Ball Street Journal
  60. Favorite Cover Version
  61. MTV Music awards?
  62. Hendrix drummer dies.
  63. Any Testamanet fans?
  64. Broken Iris
  65. OK.. so have you heard this band?
  66. Guns N Roses single released
  67. New white rapper from the Bay - Trey C "Go go" remix
  68. What is Heavy Metal...
  69. Someone here like Megadeth!?
  70. Richard Wright dies at age 65
  71. Trying To Find Some Raider Songs For Tailgating Parties...
  72. Bay Area cats
  73. The Greatest Rapper In The World---REED DOLLAZ!
  74. The Blues Thread: Sponsored by HITMAN
  75. METALLICA's new album dropping SEP 12th! titled "DEATH MAGNETIC"
  76. LA Football!
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  78. The Heavy Metal Thread
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  80. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
  81. Is Hardcore Music Popular in So. Cal?
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  83. The Heavy Metal Thread